Finding Yourself?

I am blessed that I can work from anyplace I choose, especially now with the popularity of Zoom.  Next week, I set off on another adventure, my 6th trip across the United States.  I will be packing up the car with my two faithful furry friends, Becky and Buddy and hitting the open road for my home town of Western New York. 

Being single and living alone gives me a beautiful peaceful time to contemplate, not only my life as a human, but more importantly, as a spiritual being who is always striving to raise her consciousness.  Yet, there is nothing that can compare to driving without human companionship, with only the beautiful American scenery, music (mostly show tunes for me) and my thoughts.   

Companionship is important to us as humans, but so is solitude; and most of us never take full advantage of this because we are looking for others to fulfill, distract or complete us.   Yet only from seeking the answers within will we find true joy.

I feel this is why during these past pandemic months, I have seen so many clients going through an existential crisis of sorts.  Time and again I hear clients saying, “Why am I doing this career when it doesn’t fulfill me?”  “What is my life purpose?”  “Am I with my significant other out of love, or fear of being alone?”  “Why do I feel so empty?”  “I don’t even know what brings me joy!”

If we do not embrace solitude, how can we learn the answers for questions like this?  Simply look at how people medicate themselves with alcohol, medicinal marijuana and other drugs daily, and it becomes pretty clear that most of us get through our lives by numbing our minds, rather than looking for answers.

You not need take a cross country trip by yourself, you can start by becoming comfortable being alone and simply sitting quietly and “unplugging” for 10 minutes in the morning while you sip your tea or coffee.  But the sooner you allow yourself focused alone time, the sooner you will be able to reconnect to who you are, what you like, and most importantly, what you want.  If I have learned one thing from working with clients over the years, it is that most people do NOT know what brings them joy!  It’s no wonder so many people feel like something is missing from their lives, because THEY are missing from their lives.