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Susan's Testimonials

Susan's reading for me was a life changer. She gave me the pieces of the puzzle I needed. Her revelations on my health, my work life, my relationships, have given me new direction. And to top it all off, she introduced me to my Guide! If you are looking for some guidance, if you need a boost of direction, if you wish a glimpse at your life from the Spirit World, I urge you to tap into Susan's talent as a medium. You will be glad you did. ​

Dustin Castleberry

​Los Angeles, CA

I had the pleasure of working with Susan on my Advanced Psychic Course, and I was impressed with her abilities. I watched her grow and develop over the weeks and her clients were incredibly impressed with her readings. She is genuine and loving and one of the best students in my class... I'm looking forward to seeing her use her gift to help others in the world! ​

Lisa Williams

Los Angeles, CA

I had a spiritual reading from Susan Schueler on October 5th, 2012. I have had readings in the past with other psychic mediums, however, I felt that they were 'general' and could have applied to many others, as well as myself. The reading with Susan was different. It was directed at me and applied to my life. I was amazed at how accurate and specific Susan was. She was even in contact with one of my spirit guides. She told me about things that no one else would know. I would highly recommend Susan...she was spot on. Thank you, Susan! 

Yvonne Price

Lackawanna, NY

Being somewhat of a sceptic, I decided to be open and asked Susan to provide me a Tarot card reading. Susan not only acknowledged my skepticism, she immediately put me at ease. As such, I was more open to the reading and never felt as if I was being asked to accept anything other than the interpretation of the cards. Susan was patient in her reading and answered any questions that I had. I was impressed with the accuracy of the reading (past and present events) and the interpretation of possibilities of future cards. I would definitely recommend Susan to anyone. She is professional, non judgmental, and thorough in her readings and explanations of every card. 

Tonya Rowcroft

Wallingford, CT

After watching Susan do a Tarot card reading for someone else, I was very impressed with her ability to read the cards with such passion and ardor. Listening to her discuss the cards and explain the meaning was so intriguing that I asked her to read for me. Being somewhat leery of what would happen, Susan quickly reassured me and made me feel at ease. As we discussed the cards, I was blown away with the accuracy in relation to my life and the events that were happening at that point. Months after the reading, I'm still amazed at how much has pertained to my current situation and how it made me more comfortable in dealing with things. Susan definitely has an astounding taken and I would highly recommend her to anyone! 

Christa Wright

Lockport, NY

The reading Susan did for me was amazing. She told me very specific details about my life and picked up on things that I was thinking about, but hadn't shared with anyone else. She has a real gift. 

Sasha Berman

Santa Monica, CA

The reading Susan did for me was amazing. She told me very specific details about my life and picked up on things that I was thinking about, but hadn't shared with anyone else. She has a real gift. 

Sasha Berman

Santa Monica, CA

Susan's reading was accurate, insightful, and done with love, kindness, and compassion. She connected with my guardian angels and spirit guides, picked up on the major life changes I am making, and shared the guidance that she received for me. Susan described me to a 'T' and identified traits that I have had all my life. She shared information she received on my health. I was advised to get an eye exam, and 2 days later I received a reminder from my ophthalmologist, as it had been a few years since my last appointment! Sometimes I have to be told more than once! I have and will continue to recommend Susan for a reading! 

Lori Murchison

Santa Monica, CA

Adding to the superior feedback about Susan - she is extremely gifted and my session with her far exceeded my expectations. It was nothing but reassuring and comforting to get messages and directional support on various issues.  I feel compelled to tell my family and friends looking for specifics to spend time with her. On that note, I found it easy to book the session, and street parking was a breeze.  Susan's rates are extremely reasonable considering the extent of her talents and what I received from our session.

Joyce Abbott

Los Angeles, CA

Susan is the best psychic in LA (trust me, I've been to just about all of them). I've gone to her 3 times and everything she said would happen did. At times, she'll say some things that almost don't make sense to me at the time, and out of nowhere weeks later it comes together. Susan is very positive, but honest at the same time. Really recommend her to anyone looking for a great psychic...

Cindy Yagi

Los Angeles, CA

Today was the first day I've ever had a psychic reading and I couldn't have chosen a better psychic. The atmosphere and environment was so welcoming. Going into this I was "nervcited" (nervous and excited) but Susan presence is very calming and sweet. She told me so many accurate things about myself and the people surrounding me it was astonishing. She is truly gifted and talented and I can't wait to go back. If you are planning on seeing a psychic and don't want to waste your money, Susan is the way to go. You will not be sorry.

Shardae Williams

Los Angeles, CA

The first word that comes to mind is "WOW"!
I met with Susan last week and it was my first time with her. As soon as you walk in the door, the energy inside is amazing....the decor...the just welcomes you without a word. Susan is such a beautiful spirit and it amazingly accurate!!! Before I arrived, she had already picked up about two pages of things about me...which were not vague...they were very much about me! I absolutely plan to see Susan again...and I would recommend that anyone seeking a "real" reading schedule a visit. It will be an amazing experience that you will cherish and never forget!

Kymberlee Lewis

Culver City, CA