Susan Schueler

 Psychic Medium and Spiritual Advisor

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Embracing Humanity...

Expressing Divinity...

Susan Schueler is a double tested, ethical and accurate psychic medium with Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics, as well as an advanced spiritual advisor and psychic with The Lisa Williams’ International School of Spiritual Development. As an extremely well grounded individual, Susan not only communicates with those who have crossed over, but has the gifts of seeing auras, reading energy, being empathic, energy healing, clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. These last things simply mean she sees, knows, hears and feels information that can not be obtained through the normal five senses.

Susan does one on one readings, small group readings, psychic expos, frequent larger demonstrations and even psychic fun audience readings. Life is good and Susan is very excited to being alive at this time!

Embracing Humanity Expressing Divinity

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