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Victim or Victor? YOU Decide!

The victor or victim mindset

We have all had experiences in our lives that feel unfair.  Someone you have loved and trusted betrays you in painful and unwarranted ways, a work associate gets the promotion you deserve, someone you care about is battling cancer, perhaps the person you love doesn’t feel the same way, or God forbid, a child dies.…

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Dealing with Grief Over the Holidays

Grief can come in many forms over the Christmas Season.  Whether the loss of a loved one through death, a failed marriage, a move, or a family dispute; as humans, when we experience loss, we grieve.  Never is this felt stronger than during the holidays when we recall more joyous times with those whom we…

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Finding TRUE Love

Sometimes it takes a rejection from another person to show us how much we have forgotten to love ourselves.  It’s easy for humans to place far too much emphasis on romantic love, thereby giving away our own Divine power, while we no longer embrace the beauty that lies within in our own souls.  Yet this…

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Yes, You CAN Die From a Broken Heart!

Whether a person loses a loved one through divorce, a breakup or death, the person who is left behind needs to understand that there can be serious physical ramifications from their loss. Most experts dealing with grief remind grievers that their bodies are physically going through the same sort of stress as someone who just…

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Moving Forward with Grace After a Breakup

As a psychic medium I help clients work through many different challenges that occur in their lives, but the one most frequently addressed is the loss of a relationship.   Whether the breakup is expected, or it blindsides us on a Sunday morning, the results are the same.  There are few things as painful as…

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Brave Warriors of the Earth

Channeled by Jacob, Master Teacher of The Akashic Records by Psychic Medium Susan Schueler April 10, 2018 Welcome to a new day, brave beautiful souls of Earth. You are here now, which means you are the warriors of all time, sent to accept the mission that will therefore create the New Earth.  The culmination of…

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You Are Awesome!

Channeled by Jacob, Master Teacher of The Akashic Records by Psychic Medium Susan Schueler April 3, 2018 Hello beautiful souls! We realize when your human lives have turmoil and unforeseen adjustments along the way, that it may prove challenging to stand firmly in your power and let your light shine, but that is when it is…

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