What is the Purpose of Your Life?

Channeled by Susan Schueler
From Jacob, a master teacher from the Akashic Records
January 31, 2017
Topic: What is the Purpose of Your Life?

We are so very proud of you for taking the time today to listen and learn. We see your interest in things outside your worlds, and we commend you for that. Yes, we realize it is far easier to just plod along, day to day with the simple things that make up a life, but there is much more available to you….yes, much more indeed.

We ask you to think about this…
Are you alive?
Yes, of course we know that you are living, breathing, sentiment beings, but are you living your life from a place of learning, growth, tolerance, expansion of your thoughts, new experiences and granting yourself permission to feel joy? Do you feel the rhythm of life pulsing through your bodies? Do you sing the body electric? Or do you find yourself trapped. Trapped in paying the bills, your responsibilities, working in a career that leaves you unfulfilled.

We see this. We feel this… And yes, we wish better for you, for this is not what you planned when you decided to incarnate on earth at this time.

Many of you have forgot so deeply that you no longer even know your lives have lost their purpose. You have forgotten the joy that was inherently yours when you entered the world.

As humans, things often feel very serious, and although we understand your responsibilities, we would like to remind you that what you send it out to the universe is that which you shall get back. So living a life to weighed down with the heavier aspects of life, will not permit the joy, the full amount of joy, to radiate in your life. And if you have yet to realize this, life is far less about what occurs and much more about how you choose (yes we said choose) to react to it.

So ask yourself, when you rise in the morning, do you rise with excitement, ready to experience new adventures? For never forget, each day brings with it excitement and joy. If you choose (there is that word again) … if you choose to see it that way, so many more things to celebrate will begin to unfold for you. Bare in mind, keeping with the rules of the Universe, the opposite will be true as well.

Many of you may have no idea what your purpose is, but we tell you that it doesn’t matter in the way you believe, for knowing your purpose will be the result of living a life you celebrate.

Everything begins with action, so we ask that you commit to small things, but things you do on a daily basis, such is the way you decide to react to what life sends your way.

You may recall the statement on your planet to “fake it until you make it” – but we ask you to take this a step further and “fake it until you become it.” Living in joy, choosing to react to others and difficult situations in a loving way, being the light for others… These are all things that are strong messages to the universe that you want to celebrate your life. That although challenges may arise in your life, that you choose joy and happiness. You choose to live each day to its fullest, regardless of how it may be breaking loose. This is what Gandhi meant when he said, “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.”

Live out loud, with purpose, with love. Spreading hope and encouragement to others. This is your life’s purpose, and we promise you, once this begins, you will feel it in every fiber of your being. Your soul will resonate, making your physical bodies do likewise. This will cause a domino effect, one which your world greatly needs to embrace at this time. For these are troubled times and it needs more powerful leaders and teachers for the laws of joy and love, for you already have far too many leaders who are spreading hate and intolerance. Be the change! First with yourself and the world will follow as you live your life with purpose.

You will also find, as you begin to alter your perception of your daily lives, a more deeper and meaningful life will begin to unfold for you as well. You will begin to alter the lives of all whom you interact with, all who you meet, no matter how inconsequential it may seem to you. Your love, joy, and uplifting words will begin to inadvertently teach others about how they too can lead a life filled with purpose, power, love, tolerance, joy, hope and gratitude.

We know many of you feel down at this moment… Powerless in the wave of heat it seems to be spreading like wildfire. Stop….it! As simple as it sounds, when you no longer desire something, all that is required is to stop the action. Stop rendering yourselves powerless, for you are anything but. Choose to wake up each morning from a place of excitement, curiosity and hope. Move forward in your day and listen to others, hear what they say – you can choose how you react, so choose love. Choose joy!

As we have told our channeler Susan before… You are all healers. It is your time to heal the world. For once you embrace this concept, many more will come your way as well. You will be celebrating the majesty of your human condition, rather than focusing on that which will only invite negative things in your life.

Every morning when you wake up, you make a decision and choose how your day will move forward. Many days equal years, and years make up a lifetime. Your morning of each day is a precious present. It is a gift the universe has given you, so use it wisely. Help it grow and spread… With dividends.

We see some of you still fight this idea, that living a life centered in love and joy is your purpose, and if you choose to do so, other parts of your personal life purpose will be shown to you – but it is so! We know life is not always about love, light, fairies and unicorns, but we watch you make things far more difficult for yourself then that which is truly necessary.

Never forget you are energetic beings that attract what you send out. Decide what you most wish to receive. Do not allow your past actions or the actions of others to dictate this. Remember, on any given day you have the ability to simply say “stop” and begin again. Celebrate this life, do not mourn it. Some of you travel through life (and many of you know others who do this) like you are attending a long funeral. Stop! Stop being the victim’s, the martyrs, the heavy energetic beings to only invite further strife.

Start fresh with something like a deep cleansing breath, right this very minute. Breathe in deeply and sigh out all that negative energy you have been holding onto. Raise your lips into a smile. Starting today, smile at strangers and speak kind words to all who you meet. Use this new day as a new day. A day that you choose to begin to celebrate your life. A life full of love, joy, understanding, tolerance, and hope. This is your purpose! And should you choose to except this purpose, the opportunities will open and fall at your feet inviting in exceptional opportunities… Opportunities you never dreamed possible.

Sing the body electric!