What are our Loved Ones Doing in the Afterlife

My first exposure to death was when my 59 year old grandfather unexpectedly passed when I was 5. I still recall looking at his cold body lying in the coffin at the wake. I remember that same week, sitting on the kitchen floor crying while my mom worked in the kitchen; it finally occurred to me that both of us would die some day. It felt dark and scary, believing I would be placed in a coffin and lowered into the ground like my grandpa.

I have been intrigued with death, dying, reincarnation and the afterlife ever since; only now, I no longer fear it. I believe that this life we are experiencing is simply so our souls can learn new lessons before going back “home.” Death is not an ending, but rather a new chapter in our life. I hesitate to write this, but I am sort of looking forward to it on some level. This human Susan keeps weighing me down with her judgements, emotions, and triggers, and it will be nice to finally get back to my soul’s pure form.

As a professional medium, I spend a lot of time navigating between planet Earth and the Spirit world, and it never stops amazing me when I see all the things they are doing on the other side. Having been raised Catholic, I was under the impression that after we died (if we were good) we would float around in paradise for evermore. Yet even as a small child, that seemed wasteful and boring to me, but from what the Spirit people have shown me, it is anything but that.

Just because someone has crossed to the other side, does not mean they are all knowing, but they are able to see more than we do here on Earth. Many Spirits, especially the ones who left unexpectedly or were young at the time of their passing, seem to stay close to the Earth for a time to help and support those who are grieving their loss. Now I do not mean they don’t cross to the other side, because I have yet to meet a Spirit who was “stuck.” Many Spirits enjoy spending time in places they liked on Earth, but that doesn’t mean they literally are haunting these places like some believe. There are situations where Spirit people want to communicate to the living (perhaps if something was left unfinished with the living) and they may seem to be haunting a place, but I have yet to see anyone in the Spirit world who was dark, negative or scary. That concept may sell movies, but it’s not close to anything that I have dealt with as a medium.

At my mom’s house, there is a lovely older gentleman Spirit who used to live in the house. He pops by every now and then to keep an eye on my mom. He used to sleep in her room and I can tell when he is around because I smell his cigarette smoke. Whenever I feel his presence, it’s actually comforting because he feels like a kind man who loved his home dearly. (I believe he was the original home owner.) Yet he is far from stuck and certainly not haunting the place!

Not all Spirit people show me what they are doing on the other side, but I have seen some Spirits serving as “greeters” for new Spirits who arrive, especially when a child dies. Some do their part in helping the living to meet or avoid certain people. I have seen this often with Spirit people who want their single loved ones to find love and security.

When we cross, we keep the abilities that we had on Earth because our souls experience these skills throughout many lifetimes; so it is only natural that Spirits would continue to utilize these once they cross over. Some Spirit people work with the living to help give “Divine” inspiration in creative areas like architecture, writing, art, music and technological advances. Why even in my own writing, some pieces literally feel like they “write themselves,” and I know I didn’t do it alone. I actually call in “Spirit Specialists” quite often if I am trying to fix or do something that I don’t know how to do, and the answers sort of “pop” into my head in a way that I know has NOTHING to do with my knowledge base.

The Spirit world is not some far away place; they are much closer to us than we realize. Yes, they are moving on with their lives and busy with new experiences, but they are just a voice away if we need them. Their new forms give them a certain flexibility and our measure of time does not apply to them.

My fear of death is long gone, and now when I think of passing, I get the same feeling I did as high school was drawing to a close and I was getting ready for college. Slightly nervous about how the transition would go, but hopeful and excited about the new phase in my life that I would be experiencing. Death is not an ending, but rather the transition of one tiny aspect of ourselves; for we have lived many many lives!

The message that I hear most often from Spirit people to their loved ones focus on fear, love and vulnerability. They often cannot believe how they allowed petty things to rule their lives. Very often I relay things like, “start that business venture,” “make up with your mother,” “dance and play more often,” “stop stressing about money,” and my favorite, “I am really proud of you…you got this!”

Never doubt that life goes on once we leave the Earth plane, but while here, follow their advice and live this life to the fullest, taking advantage of all that is at our disposal. Ask for help and guidance when needed, and always remember, we are NEVER alone!


  1. Corrina on November 26, 2021 at 9:47 pm

    It’s a beautiful comfort to know that our loved ones are still nearby, even if they no longer walk among us. Thank you.