The Selflessness of Selfishness

No one wants to be considered selfish, but what really does it mean to be selfish?  Most of us picture a person who wants everything to be THEIR way.  One who only thinks of themselves at all times…the typical narcissist.  However, selfishness can be something else.

Many of us try to control everything in our lives, including what others say and do.  Often feeling if they do not have the same agenda as we do, that they are acting selfishly and are wrong.  We want people to behave the way WE feel they ought to; which is pretty egocentric if you think about it.  We are not the sun with all the other little human planets orbiting around us.  

In reality, the only thing we as humans have control of is ourselves.  So in attempting to control everything, we are truly exhibiting the most selfish of acts, for we are taking away the free will of others.  And remember, everyone in this world is on their own life path, with the special lessons they chose to learn during this lifetime.  

Therefore, it is anything BUT selfish to put the focus on self.  We actually need to do this so we can grow and learn.  Time spent in self reflection is what will make us better people when it comes to interacting with one another.  This allows us to learn the inner workings of our challenges and triggers, thereby causing us to heal and evolve as humans.  When we do this during times of solitude, introspection and quiet reflection, we not only make ourselves better humans, but also spiritual beings.  Since we are all interconnected and the collective consciousness effects everyone, we are healing others as we heal ourselves.  Taking time to nurture our minds, bodies and souls, will later  free us and make it easier to give lovingly and willingly to others; which is really what life is all about. 

I challenge you to begin to place more focus on yourself.  Spend some time alone today, perhaps in prayer, meditation or in simple conversation with your spirit guides.  Take a long walk in nature alone, read a book, swim or go to the beach and walk along the shoreline.  Feed your body and soul with gentle nurturing activities that allow for time of calming thoughts about your life, your hopes, your dreams, your desires.  See yourself as the amazing spiritual being that you are and truly reflect on how far you have come, and better yet, how much further you will travel.  Learn to love and care for yourself.  For being selfish is one of the most selfless things you can do in life when done properly.


  1. Steve on July 17, 2020 at 9:52 pm

    Ty for the info….it resonated and came along at a good time for me. Hope your rental situation worked out okay for you and you ended up in place that you’re happy. That was a nice deal you had going and must have been a tough one to replace!