The Power of Words

Have you ever stopped to consider the power that words hold?  We call the placement of letters “spelling” but we also “cast a spell” when we use words to set an intention for a desired outcome.  Words are magic!  But like with magic, it can empower and manifest, or it can harm and destroy.

What we say to another and how we choose to use our words can uplift and heal, or harm the human soul.  Yet most of us flippantly toss words around daily, not understanding their importance or consequences.  

When we feel like we lack power, we will use the little negative word “No” to make our world a smaller and safer place.  This tiny word keeps us from moving forward and being able to evolve and experience what life has to offer.  In our mind it keeps us safe, but in reality it holds us down.

“No I do not want to try that new restaurant.”  

“No, let’s stay home tonight.”

“No, the gym is too crowded in the morning, maybe I’ll go tomorrow.”

Whereas the word “Yes” invites in hope, possibilities, new beginnings and even adventure.  

“Yes, count me in for game night; what should I bring?”

“Yes, I would love to meet up in Vegas for Shereen’s Birthday!”

“Yes, keep cutting, those bangs look cute!”

Take time to become aware of how often you use these two little words and what outcome they may lead to in your life.

Also, each word carries with it a certain energy.  Think of how angry swear words can sound as we spit them out of our mouths.  I have personally noticed, that when feeling deep anger from lack of power, I have a far stronger urge to use the “F” word.  Swear words are of a lower vibration, and when we use them, that is exactly what we invite into our lives.  We need to be more aware of what words we choose to use, because the effects can be long lasting on others, as well as on ourselves.

How many of us hold on to what we were told by others, who may not have any memory of these damaging words; yet we cannot forget.

“Hey thunder thighs!”

“You’re not college material.”

“Your hair is so frizzy, I can’t comb it!”

Regardless if it made reference to our intelligence, size, looks, or abilities, most of us can clearly recall the hurtful words that were said to us years ago, and that we still occasionally make reference to.  

We cannot control what others say, but we can certainly become more aware of the words that leave our mouths.  Are they positive and supporting when we speak about ourselves, or self depreciating and negative?  Every cell in our body is aware of how we feel about ourselves, from not only our actions, but from the words that we say.

“I suck at that!”

“I never have any money!”

“I hate my body!”

If these words “cast spells,” think of the magical things we desire, instead of cursing ourselves on a daily basis. Most people are far more negative than they realize, and it started with the words they heard as a child and continued to replicate as they grew older.

As we go through our day today, let us listen to the words that we speak about ourselves and others, and truly focus on altering them for the best possible outcomes. We are on the planet at this time to raise our consciousness and become more self aware, and thinking before we speak is an excellent way to do this.

Sending love and healing to all!

“I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, THANK YOU!”