The Importance of the Higher Self

In this modern age, it’s hard for us to slow down; we race from one activity to another.
In the United States, most of us have been raised to believe that we are only efficient when we are getting a lot of things done. Yet all this mindset has achieved, is to breed a society of people who are stressed out, constantly in a hurry, short tempered, and laden with anxiety. All we need to do is look at the statistics of how many of us are on anti depressants or anxiety medications to know there is a problem. Life is not meant to be a list with items that can get checked off one by one. Many of us express discontent with our lives, but most of us do not have a clue what we really want. For how can we know what we most desire, when we are keeping ourselves so busy that the time for deep contemplation is never addressed?

It’s hard to be still. It feels uncomfortable. Most of us believe we are “wasting time” if we just sit quietly. Our minds jump to all the things we feel we should be doing, often feeling guilty about this “inactivity.” Sit in any waiting room and notice how people behave when they have to sit and wait for something; most reach quickly for their phones to keep their monkey minds engaged. However, only when we allow our bodies to slow down, will we be able to check in with the wisdom of our Higher Selves. Our true selves, not the ego that wants to keep us plugging along in a state of stress and worry, but the real self that encompasses our soul and spirit. Our Higher Selves know the answers, but if we continue to race around like undisciplined children, we disable the ability to hear.

Many people get confused when they do receive information as to whether it is from the Higher Self. A clear indicator is that it will never give a long convoluted story, but rather speaks to us in a clear image or a few words or thoughts. The lower mind, the ego, however likes to spin a long fear based story. So it is important to notice how we receive information once we learn to slow ourselves down.

A Few Ways to Connect to the Higher Self

**Connect to Nature
Even if it means simply looking out the window at the birds, the squirrels, or children playing, allowing ourselves to slow down long enough to notice the little things that are going on in nature around us can truly help. It gives us the time to reconnect with who we really are; and when we do this, slowing down the frantic movements in our minds, those gentle epiphanies have a much easier time entering our thought process.

**Deep Breathing
Deep breathing is something that’s highly underrated. As we run through our busy days, most of our breathing is short and shallow, which contributes to our levels of anxiety and stress. By focusing on taking a deep cleansing breath, we not only slow down our body, and it’s fight or flight mode, but we enable our cells to rejuvenate and heal themselves. (Which is impossible if the body believes it always in fight or flight mode.) When we actively run our energy with breath work, we not only ground and center ourselves, but it naturally slows the mind down. By visualizing all of Mother Earth’s energy coming up from our feet, traveling up our spine and coming out the top of our head as we breathe in, and as we breathe out, imagine that same energy forming a large calming earth energy bubble around our physical bodies, not only will this ground and center us, but it gives beautiful oxygen to our bodies, promoting health and wellness.

Be Present
Practice being in the here and now. Look around and imagine being a private investigator. Be nosy and notice the little things. It’s a great way to begin to learn to focus on the present moment. Using all of our senses while doing this will also help us differentiate our emotions from the emotions of those around us. Feel the energy of the room. Notice the nuances that people emit. Learning to live this way also gives our intuition time to step forward because we are being observant. Avoid judging, and focus simply on receiving information through our clear feeling, clear knowing, and clear seeing. We have the ability to receive far more guidance than most of us give ourselves credit for.

“The Higher Self is whispering to you softly in the silence between your thoughts.”
Deepak Chopra


  1. Denise on July 7, 2023 at 7:10 pm

    I love connecting through nature. I live in the city but much prefer the mountains. I always feel more alive, more in tune and generally more healthy as well. When I am home and in the back yard, I love to watch the birds and the squirells and the lizards, that we share the environment with. I have a family of hawks somewhere nearby and they fly above quite often. Sometimes they play with each other, other times they are fighting with smaller birds that have nests nearby. I love to watch how they just glide through the air drifting on the wind currents. Sometimes they come close enough that I can see the softness of their underbellies and all the feathers close up. I even love watching the lizards sun themselves. I notice the roughness of their skin and the tiny nails on their toes. My husband thinks I am a little crazy or just a day dreamer, this may be true, but when I am engaged with the animals I am so much more at peace with myself and everything going on around me.
    Thank You for all of your thoughtful and insightful posts.