The Clairs: You DO Have Super Powers!

The Clairs: You DO Have Super Powers!

Understanding the different types of clair abilities and how you can tap into them. 

The term “inner insight” has been around since the late 1600s; however, it was not labeled as clairvoyance until the Victorian Era when all things supernatural became in vogue. (The word clairvoyance is derived from the French meaning of clear vision, or seeing.) So just as we have our 5 senses in the physical world, our inner senses are often called “the clairs.” 

What are the clairs

The “clairs” simply means clear seeing (clairvoyance), clear knowing (claircognizance), clear emotional and physical feeling (clairsentience), clear hearing (clairaudience), clear tasting (clairaugustance) and clear smelling (clairsalience). 

Almost everyone has heard of the word clairvoyance, yet most people are not familiar with the other types of “clairs” that are used by psychic mediums, remote viewers and intuitives. Everyone has the ability to tap in, so if you have not yet learned to invite magic into your life, fear not!

The 6 types of clairs

The main three “clairs” are clairvoyance, claircognizance, and clairsentience.


Clairvoyance will often present itself through seeing words, scenes (like in a movie clip), symbols, colors, cartoons, or any other visual representation to give information. Most new intuitives have a challenging time learning to interpret the visions that they see, but with practice, it’s astounding how much information may be gleaned with a single clairvoyant image. 

Since I am not a strong visual person, I still remember the first time I saw a clairvoyant image that made sense. As I was sitting in my weekly development circle, I received the image of the Punch and Judy puppets beating each other up. The spirit coming through was using my frame of reference to let me know that she and her sister physically hit each other as kids. In my earlier years of development, I saw many images in cartoons I knew, various symbols, and an occasional VERY fast moving blip of people doing things, but as my skills evolved, I began to see entire scenes of real events or memories. 


Claircognizance, or simply clear knowing, is when we just have an inner understanding that something is a certain way. There is no other evidence to support this knowing, and I have heard people jokingly say, “I just know what I know, and I know it!” The biggest challenge with our claircognizance is that there is really no “evidence” since we don’t see or feel anything, it’s just a knowing. Due to my own insecurities, this was the last “clair” to become strong for me, because I didn’t trust myself; so our personal issues will effect which “clairs” develop quicker than the others.


Clairsentience is our inner feeling, both emotional and physical. Anyone who has ever worked with me knows this is my strongest “clair” because I often use the phrase, “I feel…” There are some metaphysical teachers who believe this is the main “clair” and that our imagination creates the rest of them, but one thing I know for sure, this one is VERY important!

Clairaudience, clairaugustance, and clairsalience

The lesser-known “clairs” are clairaudience (hearing), clairaugustance (tasting) and clairsalience (smelling). Unless someone works with sound, like a musician, I have noticed that clairaudience usually develops later. 

The 6 types of clairs

How to tap into the clairs

Just as some people have an ear for music, a terrific eye for art, or are very sensitive, the same is true of those individuals who receive extra sensory information. Depending upon one’s own natural interests and abilities, certain “clairs” will be easier to develop than others.  This is not to say of course that they cannot be developed, because they can (and should be), but some may come easier than others. 

Due to my love of music and literature it is easy for me to receive information through songs and poetry, so I often see words, hear show tunes or a line from a poem. Physically feeling things in my body (clairsentience) came naturally for me because I am not only deeply emotional, but an athlete as well. If I am connecting to someone with a drinking problem, I will feel my liver start to throb. Sometimes even now when the spirit world steps close, the emotions attached are so powerful it will make me want to burst into joyful tears. To make a strong psychic medium, intuitive or remote viewer, it is important that all of these “clairs” develop, regardless of which ones are easier than other.

Meditation is the gateway for learning to receive information through the clair senses since it enables the mind to slow down and compartmentalize what it sees and feels. Most people living in our technological world have monkey minds and have never learned to experience life this way, which is why many new metaphysical students tell me they are not “getting” anything. It just takes time, setting the proper intentions, and then allowing time to practice, practice and practice because this is not the way most of us have been trained to use our minds. 

All of this information comes in through the right brain imagination, so any creative pursuit will also help to enhance our “clairs.” Even just connecting a person to a sound or a smell to give more evidence about who they are is a great way to practice.

How to tap into the clairs and use your natural abilities

Having an open heart that is not afraid to be vulnerable will also make the process easier. For those of us who have learned to place a protective wall around our hearts, it may be more difficult to tap into our clairsentience because if we shut our emotions down in our every day life, connecting into inner feelings will be next to impossible. Certain habits like yoga poses that cause the body to lean back and open the chest wide or using crystals like rose quartz can offer great help when opening the heart chakra and feeling more comfortable with being vulnerable. These are necessary for improving our clairsentience.

Once we learn to utilize the “clairs”  we have a wealth of information at our fingertips, and it is easier than we might think. The biggest challenges are having opportunities to practice, learning to trust ourselves, and not judging what we receive. 

If you are ready to embrace your powers and learn how to navigate the metaphysical world with greater depth and clarity, join me for one of my workshops, development circles, or readings!

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