Have You Always Wanted to be a Psychic?

What is a psychic medium explained

Let’s discuss how to identify if you’re a psychic and how you can tap into your powers. Everyone is psychic…bottom line! However, due to the way we are raised and how our individual brains are wired, some people have an easier time stepping into these natural abilities. (These are not “gifts” because everyone has them…

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Isn’t it Time to Meet Your Soul?

The first time I did a meditation to learn more about my soul, I was shocked. Yes, I understood there was a “trinity” within me. My human was my thinking brain, which included my ego and all the judgements and programming from this lifetime that went with it. I also knew that my higher self…

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The Importance of the Higher Self

In this modern age, it’s hard for us to slow down; we race from one activity to another.In the United States, most of us have been raised to believe that we are only efficient when we are getting a lot of things done. Yet all this mindset has achieved, is to breed a society of…

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