Susan’s Tribe for High Vibes 12 Month Membership


The 12 Month Membership includes:

  • Discounted Psychic and Mediumship Readings ($47 savings per reading).
  • 60 Minute Monthly Private Zoom Meeting (first Monday of every month at 4 pm to 5 pm PST / 7 pm to 8 pm EST) with Live Meditation, Mini Lessons and Q & A Session (live or receive playback on private Facebook Page)
  • Monthly Guided Meditation/Hypnosis (focusing on different themes…posted on private group Facebook Page)
  • Monthly Single Question Written Reading Raffle ($55 value. Winner announced during the monthly Zoom meeting!)
  • Private Access to a Monthly Blog (written or video) by Susan Specifically for the Group posted on the FB Page
  • Private Facebook Page (just for members) to interact about spiritual topics while obtaining a deeper connection to a like minded “tribe”
  • Access to Random Live Readings on the FB page
  • Suggested Spiritual Reading List, Reviews and Discussions

During Susan's Tribe for High Vibes Membership you will:

  • Better connect with your soul, higher self, or spirit guides
  • Have meaningful meditations
  • Connect with other spiritually minded people
  • Receive spiritual guidance
  • Have spiritual resources at your finger tips
  • Ask pressing questions about the Akashic Records, the Afterlife, Aliens, Angels, Intuition, Dreams, Past Lives, and a whole lot more...

If this resonates with you then this Tribe is for YOU

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