Who would benefit from a Spiritual Assessment?

While a spiritual assessment greatly benefits those who are called to being a lightworker, it has shown to significantly help anyone who feels a strong sense of uncertainty, change, or desire from within. 

Do you have a sense that you're being called to do something great in your life, but don't know where to look or who to ask?

Then book your spiritual assessment with Susan Schueler today and discover where your spiritual path can take you. Why wonder when you can know?

What is a Spiritual Assessment?

A Spiritual Assessment provides practical advice for your spiritual growth and journey. Susan is able to connect with you on a spiritual level, allowing you to work together to discover your strengths and weakness as they relate to your life path.

From identifying obstacles to overcome to areas of opportunity to further develop, your spiritual assessment will provide you with a map to your personal successes. This may include past-life traumas to acknowledge and overcome, to identifying areas of growth that need to be further maintained. Additionally, as a psychic medium, Susan is able to offer continual guidance along your spiritual journey as well.

Benefits of a Spiritual Assessment

  • Discover your unique hidden talents and opportunities
  • Better align yourself with living a more conscious life
  • Understand the talents you currently use and those which lie dormant within you
  • A deeper understanding of your Spiritual significance
  • Gain a better understanding of your life circumstances up to this point and why you've made the choices you have
  • Find the right track for your life journey