Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

What is a spiritual awakening

No, You are NOT Going Crazy: You’re Just Getting a Spiritual Upgrade!

You may not realize it but we’re in the process of a spiritual awakening as we speak. The frequency of the planet is shifting for many of us from a 3rd Dimension reality that focuses on fear, judgment, lack, and competition, to a 5th Dimension frequency of love, empathy, understanding, and compassion. 

This spiritual enlightenment began slowly in the 1960s with the peace and love movement and has been accelerating with greater speed since 2012. People are beginning to remember who they are on a soul level and never before has our planet needed this shift more than it does today. 

What is a spiritual awakening 

Now this might sound like a wonderful time, filled with nothing but unicorns and fairies, but quite the opposite is true. Much like the growing pains of adolescence, a spiritual awakening can seem messy, confusing, and painful; especially when we feel like we are going through it alone. 

As with all change, there is a period of letting go of the old familiar ways that can feel jarring and uncomfortable, but we must shed these lower vibrational selves before we can fully step into a higher version of our spirituality. There are countless ways to begin a spiritual awakening, but it often begins with what Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung called “the dark night of the soul,” which is brought about by a loss of some kind. 

Whether through the passing of a loved one, a divorce, financial hardship, or a worldwide pandemic, most awakenings begin through a catalyst that forces us to delve into our souls as we quest for a deeper understanding of who we are, what we want from our lives, and what’s important to us. When we deal with the negatives in life, we stare our fears directly in the face in a way we may not have done before. 

As painful as the pandemic was, it offered an excellent opportunity for many people to realize what a rat race treadmill their lives had previously been on, leaving them, anxious, depressed, over-medicated, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled. People began to understand that life should be about more than just working (often at jobs we hate), sitting in traffic, eating fast food, numbing our brains in the evening with mindless TV, wine, and prescription drugs, falling into an exhausted sleepless night, and getting up in the morning to do it all over again. 

What does spiritual enlightenment look like?

When we finally begin to question our existence, we have reached the first step toward a spiritual awakening. We are no longer accepting the status quo of having a job, a house with a mortgage, 2.5 kids, a dog, a 401K, credit card debt, and living for the day when we can retire. We finally begin to question, “What’s it all about?” 

It can begin in subtle ways, like the conversations we hear others having seemed to lack depth, or the things that used to bring joy, now seem superficial. We begin to have a desire for deeper discussions, smaller groups or people, more time alone and we crave to be in nature. We start to question everything we were taught and programmed to believe, and we find these concepts sorely lacking. 

At first, we may feel like a fish out of water, but once we begin to acclimate to this new self-being created, a whole new Universe begins to open up. As we awaken, we begin to be more aware of the unseen world and slowly embrace the idea that we are souls who are simply having a human experience.

Supernatural Occurrences 

Signs of a spiritual awakening

Many people report supernatural occurrences during a spiritual awakening. For example, hearing their names called when no one is there, having vivid dreams with loved ones who are in spirit, downloads at night that cause the body to feel different, heightened psychic and mediumistic abilities, feeling physically shaken while sleeping, having out of body experiences, or vivid dreams that are recalled with greater ease. 

Whether it is a random meeting that subsequently changes our life, seeing feathers, meaningful messages that just appear, or even seeing certain number sequences again and again, when the Universe wants us to wake up, there will be many unexplained synchronicities coming our way. Clients often tell me they think they are making things up, however, the signs can be so blatant, that it’s impossible to pass it off as a coincidence. 

When I was in my junior year of college living in low-rent (low vibrational) government housing, I would wake every morning at 3:33 am with something heavy on top of me. I didn’t know what it was, but I felt its breath and weight on me. At first, I thought I was dreaming, but it happened so often that I told my grandmother about it. As a Christian woman, she promptly got me a Mother Mary nightlight and told me to ask “it” to leave in the name of Jesus if it happened again. I was desperate at this point and willing to try anything, but much to my surprise, when I did this a few times, it stopped happening. That was the first time I saw numbers as a form of reassurance in a time of need, now I see them all the time. (I also learned we have far more control over how spirit chooses to present itself than we realize.)

Our energy begins to alter as we awaken, often causing ringing in our ears, chills, and tingling of the body, heightened sensitivity, a greater need to be alone, challenges with crowds, a desire for a more plant-based diet, and suddenly animals and children seem drawn to us. 

People who no longer align with us energetically will begin to fall away, and sometimes in unexpected and abrupt ways. We will, however, begin to invite in new people who better match our energy. I have seen countless relationships suddenly end because of this.

Spiritual Awakening Stages 

Most of us begin our awakening with an innocence of believing we already have everything figured out. Often, due to loss, we begin to then search for deeper meaning because we feel unfulfilled. This morphs into a quest for knowledge that cannot be filled but rather keeps us searching deeper and deeper, actually creating more questions than answers. 

During this time, we do a great deal of healing with our shadow side because our flawed egos have started coming to light. The concepts we thought we understood begin to shatter, as we spend a lot of this time learning to let go of our old ways. 

As we evolve, raising our vibration along the way, we learn to see the beauty and all things, and even become grateful for our challenges. Slowly we begin to understand there is a greater plan than just our individual selves. Because of this, we move from the world of “me” thinking, to the world of “we” unity. This is a work in progress and we will often go backward before we move forward again; it’s not always a linear movement.

Spiritual Awakening Stages

Here are some great ways to jumpstart this spiritual journey!

  • Take responsibility for our actions.
  • Avoid promiscuous sex, drugs, alcohol, or negative people since they lower our vibration and numb emotions.
  • Learn to be present and not always on the run. It’s difficult to connect to our soul and spirit when we are only concerned with our humanity.
  • Find a meditative practice that works.

If there have been a lot of unexplained things happening in your life, the Universe may just be trying to get your attention that it’s time for you to level up! Don’t be afraid of the challenge, it’s an amazing journey!

I am here to help in any way I can. As one of my reading options, I offer a Spiritual Assessment for those clients who have deeper questions about their soul purpose and evolution.