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Before considering a reading...

Do you know there is a difference between a psychic reading and a mediumship reading?


Psychic Reading

During a psychic reading, Susan will align her soul to the person with whom she is reading. By connecting her energy to the client's, she is able to obtain information through clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), claircognizance (knowing) and clairsentience (feeling). This is a person to person (soul to soul) connection that may also use divination tools such as tarot cards, personal objects (psychometry), or photographs to help achieve the bond.

Mediumship Reading

A medium takes a psychic reading a step further. Through the use of her psychic abilities, Susan connects directly with those who have crossed over. Since she relies on a non-physical energy outside herself, she is able to achieve this by keeping her vibration at a very high level, while these Spirit people slow theirs down to allow for a connection between the two. Spirits will use the previously mentioned "Clairs" to pass along desired information using Susan as the "medium."

Private Group Readings

Do you want to book a private group reading for you and your friends? Each participant is guaranteed at least one Spirit communication with a loved one on the other side and one psychic question (about current life issues) answered. These are fun, uplifting, and healing events for you and your friends. 

Min. 8 / Max. 12 participants for two hours. Contact Susan for specific availability needs and payment options with check or PayPal. Available in most areas in LA, but check to see if Susan travels to your area. Travel fees may apply.