Purge to Empower

I follow several spiritual leaders on YouTube and one thing everyone seems to have as a common theme for January 2024 is the need for us to purge. (I have noticed this theme coming up in the past few months while working with clients too!) 

2024 is certain to be a pivotal year for people. More than ever before we are feeling called to embrace a higher version of ourselves. What may have been acceptable in the past has lost its luster and we are now looking for deeper connections, more meaning in our careers and healthier ways to live. What was once the status quo simply won’t cut it anymore, and what we don’t purge now will get dragged into the new year, slowing us down, causing blocks in our progress, and prohibiting our upward movement. 

After my 15 year relationship ended with my ex husband, I knew I needed to do some serious purging. Often, we don’t realize how toxic something is for us until it’s gone. It took several years, but I literally replaced EVERYTHING that he ever touched, that’s how toxic his energy felt to me! From the dishes, silverware, bed and bedding, furniture, light fixtures, rugs, and even the toilet seat! I repainted every wall and hung new things that represented who I was and how I wanted to live my life. I erased every piece of his energy from my home so I was then free and ready to start over fresh and empowered.

So I ask you, what do you need to purge from your life? It can be a person, a situation, or even an over abundance of “stuff” that we may have accumulated. We need not go to the extreme I did when I exorcised my ex, but maybe it is time to take a look at how cluttered our life may be with messy drawers and old unused things stuffed in closets and under beds?

However, we may also need to purge outdated ways of thinking or living in ways that no longer serve our highest good. Perhaps the belief system that we have been carrying around with us isn’t allowing us to evolve? It may not even be OUR belief system, but rather the programming that was engrained in our brain from parents, teachers and society. Judgements have a sneaky way of infiltrating the way we decide to live our lives and the chances we take. Our human egos sure do like to spread fear and negative thinking!

I highly suggest taking a look around your life today. Sit quietly, and imagine your ego shrinking as your higher self grows in size. Ask your higher self what needs to be purged from your life, and then allow the information to come into your mind. It might come in a word or two, perhaps an image, or even a feeling. Be careful not to allow your ego to judge the information you receive. 

So whether you’re choosing to clean every drawer in your kitchen, purge your mind from judgments, or to disassociate yourself from certain lower vibrational people in your life, this is the month to do it!


“I purge all that no longer serves my highest good.”

And so it is!

Welcome to the new and updated YOU!