Me? Mine? Valentine!

We are born alone, and we will die alone; we know this to be true.  Yet, regardless of how many times we have heard this statement, why is it that so many of us feel unfulfilled unless when we have another person romantically in our life?  

Could it be that putting the focus on another, looking for love, or gaining acceptance and support from that person, simply helps fill the void we feel deep within our soul?   

Yes, it is true that no man is an island, but for us to be in healthy relationships with other people, we must first have a deep understanding and connection with ourselves.  For this is the only relationship that will last, because in truth, nothing is ever “ours.”  Regardless if we marry, have children, or have lifelong friends, we do not own these individuals.

People and situations can change in a moment’s notice, regardless of how often we believe that “this one will last.”  Nothing in our lives is guaranteed, so the sooner we make peace with ourselves, the easier it will be to attain joy in life. We must stop looking for outside people and stimuli to make us happy, and realize that only WE can do that.

Regardless of how much “stuff” we own, sex we have, or drugs and drinks we ingest, if we are doing these things to feel alive or acknowledge our self worth, we will always fall short.  

If you feel like your life is on hold, as you wait to find that person who is supposed to make you happy, you are missing the point!  Focus on self and become the person that will be the true love of your life, and only then will you be able to give your heart to another without empty expectations in return.  Spend time with your soul and fall in love with YOU, so YOU complete you!  This year, be your own Valentine and make loving yourself a number one priority!


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