Making 2022 Your Year!

“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.”  

Earl Nightingale

Far too many of us meander our way through life never making goals.  Yet, as we wave goodbye to 2021, it is an excellent time to reflect on the past and plan for our future. Yes, we need to understand there may be detours along the way, but when we have specific desired outcomes, we are far more likely to succeed.

Every year, at the end of December, I write out my professional and personal goals for the year ahead.  I save all of my prior years, so that I can gauge my progress, and see where more focus needs to be given as I plan for the future.  Before I begin my list for the year to come, I start by reviewing my lists from years gone by and look back at them, year by year, studying what I did well, and what still needs work. (My first list was made in 2014.)

Now there are some goals that may seem outdated or unrealistic (“achieve 14% body fat” or to “improve my relationship with my husband”), but I notice either my desires change or things work themselves out.  (Although, I guess I DID lose 215 pounds when I split from my husband!)  Seriously though, we change over time, so the things we once deemed as important will also alter, so it’s OK to not achieve ALL of our goals.  Yet having goals serves as a road map of sorts.  This is the direction we wish to take, however, we may not always end up there, and that’s OK!

So how do we compile a meaningful list of things we wish to achieve?

First of all, make these goals realistic yet still ambitious enough to move forward.  Look at the areas in our life like career, family, health, finances, relationships and spirituality.  Focus on how we would like to evolve within some of these areas.  What aspects of these are most important to us, being as specific as possible.  For example, if we wish to grow our business, make smaller goals to coincide with this larger one.   For instance, we might also organize our week every Monday by setting up smaller goals along the way like specific marketing strategies, or ways to cut spending.  Big goals can seem far too unrealistic otherwise.  

Assess what is important, organize our thoughts and then make our lists, being as detailed oriented at possible.  This seemingly small action can have amazing results in the long run and set us up for a productive and successful 2022!  

Happy New Year Everyone!!!