Living a Purpose Driven Life

It is difficult to lead a purpose driven life when we don’t take the time to get to know ourselves.  Most people simply find themselves on the eat, work, sleep, repeat cycle, and only have brief moments of inner clarity; most often lacking true happiness, peace and contentment.  When we take time to look within, we learn about ourselves, and stop being a mirror image of those around us, as we desperately try to find someone to love us, since we do not know, or love ourselves.  

So finding a life that has purpose and clarity begins first with loving and knowing who we are, so we can recognize our natural abilities and gifts.  Also, if we don’t love ourselves, it’s next to impossible to love and empathize with others, so we are more often selfish and egocentric.  

Once we take the time, energy, and bravery to delve within the depth to our souls, we will then begin to find the answers of why we are here, what our purpose is, and most importantly, how we can go about achieving this purpose.  As my friend Kengi (Louis Carr) says in this week’s interview, “we CAN give from an empty cup,” however, that cup must know itself well in order to do so.

As you go through your day today, consider if you are living a purpose driven life.  Does this life help others in a loving way, full of empathy and understanding?  Do you know what your gifts are?  Do you use them for a higher purpose than just the need to make money and live?  Are you being your best self, or are you just living day to day on an eat, work, sleep, repeat cycle?  We are here for so much more than that, and it all starts within.

Much love to all of you!