Keeping Your Sanity in a Time of Political Unrest

The old adage about not speaking politics at polite gatherings seems to have gone out the window with our social media today.  Regardless if we vote for Trump or Biden, think that Black Lives Matter, rebel against wearing a mask, believe a vaccine for Covid-19 is needed or that Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s position should not be filled until after the election; we know one thing is certain, these are tumultuous times in the United States, and everyone has an opinion!

I knew I had gotten sucked into the mess when I looked down at my shaking hands that were typing back a message to an old high school pal on Facebook. I noticed the anger I was feeling from his remark had caused me to even break out in a sweat! All that encompassed my angry thoughts were “how could someone actually think like that?”  Oh BOY did I have a lot to say back to him.  But then thankfully, my non ego driven soul took the wheel.  It asked me, ” Is this byplay between the two of us really going to allow him to see my side?” (NO) “Change his opinion?” (NO)  Then I asked myself, “Why does this bother me so much?” Why is this specific topic triggering me?

If one thing I know is true, it is that what we believe and feel is actually a projection of our reality.  So until we decide to change this reality, our opinions are going to stay the same.  Therefore, arguing with someone over what each other feels is right or wrong, is truly a moot point.  Only we can change our own reality. And honestly, what makes OUR point of view correct? It is really only a reflection of OUR reality and the specific experiences we have had in our life. Yes, there are several non negotiable “right” and “wrong” things in life, but even with those, there have been times when they are not as black or white as we would like to believe. (Example: killing during times of war or to defend one’s self, etc…)

That being said, how do we move forward with social media today, and not let the opinions of others negatively effect us and our energy? Especially if you are like me and are very sensitive to the feelings of others, as well as the collective consciousness.

The truth of the matter however, isn’t really the issue between two people holding different opinions.  The problem today deals more with how others choose to respond.  

Here are some suggestions:

**Put your ego in a “time out” chair.

That nasty little ego of ours always like to feel it’s right.  Like the spoiled child from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Veruca Salt; it NEEDS attention that minute and will stamp its foot, drawing our attention to its demands in very loud and compelling ways.  However, we need to remind ourselves, that these little ego driven thoughts are not really who we are, but rather the fearful little child within all of us who needs to feel right to further feed itself.  

Take a breath when this happens and allow yourself to engage with the true self, your soul.  This is the place where love, not fear resides and the shift will be tangible.  Then picture that person standing before you and wrap them in warm loving light, filled with positive energy.  Thoughts have power, so spread positivity, don’t fan the fire of negativity.

**Do not react!

Yes, you read that correctly.  Regardless of what you read, do not respond if you feel inclined to do so in a negative way.  Do NOT engage!  It truly helps no one, brings down the collective consciousness and usually begins a whole storm of nastiness.  Some people may feel they like to “debate,” but in reality it is only their egos need to feel superior because they fear someone may be smarter, wealthier, more privileged, you name it, than they are.  So many of us are so busy reacting, that we miss the real reason why we do this! 

Take this energy and use it to look within, rather than outside of ourselves.  Why do we feel this way?  What caused this comment to push our buttons?  Utilize these life experiences in a productive way to help us learn more about ourselves.  These moments can be amazing learning opportunities for ourselves IF we take advantage of them!

**Do not add to the political negativity; choose your words wisely!

Now I am not saying to only post photos of puppies and fairies, but use your common sense when making posts and choose your words carefully.  Sometimes things can get lost in the written word and may sound different than you intend, but other times it is pretty clear things were intentional.  Back away from your ego’s need to feel superior and avoid being condescending or mean spirited with your remarks.  Just because another thinks differently than you doesn’t make them wrong, merely different.  

As connected beings we are all one, and the sooner we begin to understand this, the sooner we will learn to disengage from negativity in social media.  Our negative remarks to one another are double edged blades that point directly BACK at us.  We ARE one, let’s start to act like we are.