Isn’t it Time to Meet Your Soul?

The first time I did a meditation to learn more about my soul, I was shocked. Yes, I understood there was a “trinity” within me. My human was my thinking brain, which included my ego and all the judgements and programming from this lifetime that went with it. I also knew that my higher self was a piece of the Divine Creator. Everyone has this, and it connects us to one another. And finally, that my soul was the essence of who I was. It held all of my memories from life to life, with the goal to learn from all of these incarnated experiences. Cognitively I understood these things; but it wasn’t until I did a soul meditation, that I actually FELT it on a much deeper level.

As I sat in this meditation, allowing my soul to step forward and my human (the critical and judgmental ego self) to step back, I realized that my soul had a much different “personality.” Anyone who knows me would never describe me as gentle or easy going, yet this was the way my soul felt. Loving, understanding, compassionate, patient and above all, my soul was GENTLE. There were no thoughts that came from my soul that compared itself to other souls, with a “survival of the fittest” mentality. No harsh judgements or critical self loathing, or my usual intensity, like I was accustomed to in my very flawed human condition. Just love, patience, acceptance and understanding.

It blew my mind.

My “human” is full of energy, enthusiasm, introspection, and is very good at being assertive. “Susan” is constantly moving forward with intentions and goals. She can be INTENSE! However, here was my soul, who was far more the observer, with a wise and quietly confident manner. My soul felt like an old sensei with thousands of years of wisdom locked away, and I was only growing conscious of it at this late date. What the heck was wrong with me? (See how quickly those human judgements can sneak in!)

Once I learned how to tap into this aspect of myself, everything changed!

Some may label this as living consciously, following the Buddhist teaching of living from a place of detachment from outcomes, or even being the passive observer in life; but for me, it just meant seeing my life through the eyes of my soul. (Although it truly does encompass all of these things.)

It was so simple, all I had to do was shift my perspective, and finally wrap my head around the truth that I was NOT the voice in my head. I was NOT my emotions. That was just all the “noise” I had to experience to learn my lessons, but these things need not control me. I was much more than my physical body.

Give it a Try!
Anyone can tap into their soul, it’s actually very simple and just takes a few minutes.
1) Sit someplace quiet where you will not be disturbed. (Make sure animals are out of the room because they love to cuddle during meditations!)
2) Begin by focusing on your breath; slowing it down slightly and imagining beautiful high vibrational energy coming IN with each inhalation, and any negative or heavy feelings leaving with each exhale.
3) See yourself (your human) standing off to the side, and imagine it slowly shrinking.
4) Ask your soul, the beautiful pure side of you that holds all of your memories from life to life, to begin to step forward and grow larger. Place all of your focus on your soul.
5) Allow yourself to experience the essence of what your soul feels like, including its likes, gifts and attitudes. Ask for information about your current life purpose; your soul knows it all.
6) Sit quietly for 5 minutes without judging any of the feelings, thoughts, or images that you experience.
7) Once you have completed this mini meditation, grab a pen and paper and write down what you felt and how your soul and your human may differ.
8) Take the time to make an on-going appointment to quietly sit with your soul as often as possible. Not only will this enhance your life, but it will keep things in perspective, helping to eliminate fear, anxiety and depression from your life.