Isn’t it Time to Clean Your Room Child?

Being a sensitive is like walking a fine line between blessings and curses. What can be an amazing “gift” that gives us a super power of sorts when gaining insight on people and situations, can also feel like a hardship when we don’t know how to navigate this level of sensitivity. All sensitives have an over active nervous system; which means we can be very emotional, deal with anxiety, depression, and even be be extremely reactionary. To avoid these challenges, we need to learn a few basic life hacks, so we control our abilities, rather than the other way around. By simply adhering to these simple four steps, we can eliminate much anxiety, depression, and stress in our life.

1.) Self Care
Whether this means getting a weekly massage, taking an evening walk to unwind, sitting quietly with a cup of tea in the morning, going on a retreat, unplugging yourself for a weekend from obligations and technology, or just learning how to say “no” when we don’t want to do something; self care is paramount for those of us who are sensitives and empaths.

2.) Alone Time
Now for some of us this might mean hiding in the bathroom and locking the door if we have a lot of people in our home, but still it is imperative that we give ourselves a daily period of time where we are not interacting with anyone else’s energy. Often times sensitive and empaths, unbeknownst to them, carry the weight of other people’s energies. In picking up all of the many nuances of those around us, we also allow their energy to attach to us. (When we no longer know what brings us joy, or what we want to do with our lives, it is a clear indicator that we have too many other people’s energies attached to ours.) With alone time, we get back to our base point. We experience our authentic selves, without all of those energetic chords connecting us with others. Yes, it is impossible to cut ALL of the cords we have connecting us to others, but when we focus on alone time, we strengthen up our own energy in a human “reboot.”

3.) Clean Your Room Child!
Nothing is sure to set off a sensitive or an empath more than clutter. So when we find ourselves living with disorganized closets, messy drawers, unwashed laundry, dirty dishes in the sink, or piles of clutter around the house, we are asking for trouble. Being extremely aware of our surroundings is what makes us sensitive, so of course our homes and work places will affect how we feel and function in our daily lives. (I personally have a rule where I clean my closets and drawers every six months, giving away anything that has not been used to Goodwill. I often do this to my garage as well. It has a truly magical effect!)

4.) Time Management
There are NOT 36 hours in the day, so stop acting that way! Feeling rushed will have toxic affects on those of us who are sensitive. When we plan our time effectively, leaving ample wiggle room for traffic and unexpected things to occur, we allow a sense of calm to settle over our energies. However, when we do the opposite, all we add is heightened stress and severe anxiety. Arriving places early is an excellent habit to get into.

Most people experience stress, anxiety, depression, and overwhelm in some form. By adhering to these simple steps, these negative things can be eliminated from our lives, and we can begin to live in a place of peace and contentment that we all deserve!