Inspired Action or Wishful Thinking?  Getting in the Zone of Inspired Action!

Message from Jacob of the Akasha Channeled by Susan Schueler
     The word “inspiration” gives the connotation that there is a special force behind the action of this word. One that is divine, exalted and special, and we are here to remind you of this before we begin the crux of today’s channel. Therefore, forget not, that to have inspired action, realizing it comes from a source higher than your human force…it will of course, come from a place of a higher and more exalted frequency.  This is where we see many of you stumbling with the concept of living a life of inspired action and feel this is where we are called to begin today’s message.
     Beautiful beings of light, we are so pleased to be with you today as you unfold yourselves with greater depth and clarity, into being able to remember who you are. The majestic soul beings of light that you are, rather than those often sluggish human forms with their ego-based needs. Yes, it is clear that some of you have much greater understanding of this concept than others, but we see the changes of the whole and are still pleased by your tenacity and bravery, as you grow in this period of your development. Fully understand the more of you that learn of controlling your ego, the easier it will be for the whole of you to answer your lives from your soul, and that of course is your connection to the Divine source, the Great I am, of all there is. This is where the Divine spark of inspired action will spring forth.
     Yes, we realize you are of the corporeal form, and live in your material world, but if you are too much of this world, you will be easily fooled.  You will disable your ability to see anything deeper than simply your here and now. You will walk your daily life, living in a matrix and fully believing this illusion. It is not as if you will fail the test of life on Earth, for this situation is part of your assignment’s challenge, but you will never be able to attain any grades higher than a C, in the school called life.
     We continue to come your way because we wish for you to be all you can truly become, and if you only choose to connect into your physical human bodies, you will be like an expert archer who continues to miss his mark, time and time again.
Why do you continue to doubt yourselves? Your abilities? Your actions? Because you continue to miss this Divine piece of yourself!
     As energetic spiritual and human beings, every single one of you resonates at a certain frequency. We have explained before that different dimensions have different frequencies as well… And even our higher realms have many frequencies. For do not think that once you leave your human bodies, that you will then be all knowing and understanding at that time, for it simply is not so. Only the Divine source of all that is, is all knowing.
      Yes, you are weighted down by your human body, but there is much you can do to allow you to better “tap into” this Divine source and “unplug” from this matrix of which you live. Speeding up your frequency is how this is done, but it is not a one time thing, for much like one has a meditative practice, or a yoga practice, it must be done often and with mindful intention… As a practice.
     If you continue to only live within the Earth plane, your actions will only come from a place of the ego and we wish far more for you than that.
     Allowing your vibrations to resonate at a higher level is the key for you to be able to better understand the messages from Divine sources. Whether your guides, angels, interstellar beings and all the other forms.  Many times we send message after message, but only to land on deaf ears because you are busy living of the world. We are saddened by the many who are missing opportunities for growth, both for others and of themselves.
     Many of those who are the poorest on your planet are really the most wealthy, for they understand what it truly is to live a life of inspired action.
     Even as we say these words, we see many of you still scratch your head, as you attempt to grasp this concept. It is simple… Realize you are first and foremost a spiritual being. Connect to the place of your spiritual essence through practices that will allow you to remember this… often. Quiet those human minds so you can connect and feel the presence of God that resides within each of you. Knowing that it all begins, as with your human life, with the breath. Listen – you must then allow – yes we said allow – yourself the space to listen. 
     We find it curious that so many of you just talk, talk, talk… and never pause for breath to listen. But if you only quiet your minds in this practice and listen not, you will remain in the dark, unaware if your actions are inspired, or simply coming from a place of your little child ego, doing your imitation of Veruca Salt from your Willy Wonka movie.
     It is indeed true that prayer is speaking to God, but forget not that meditation is your time to listen in return.
If your minds are never still the only place you will receive guidance is from that spoiled child ego of yours. The ego has its time and place, yes this is so… But…
     We call on you, because those of you who are hearing this message are already conscious of much.
     Once again, let us focus on your need to listen and then to hear. You will use your vibrational energetic bodies to do this as well, which is why we first spoke of your need to operate of that of the highest vibration possible for your human bodies. For the higher this is, the easier it will be for you to hear our messages.
     There is so much for you to do at this time, to not only help with your own personal goals, the goals you set to achieve during this life, but also the planetary goals that you have agreed to help with as well. There is much more at stake today than you realize. For this is why many of you brave souls agreed to be here now. And when you unplug yourselves from this matrix, you can feel the energy shift, which allows you to connect and answer to the higher natures of your beings.
     Yes, we know this is not easy. You will continue to try, fail, excel, and then perhaps fail again, but this is part of the process.  If you totally have this worked out, you would have ascended, but for now this is part of your journey, so learn, grow, receive, listen and begin to learn to hear. 
     We are always a breath away.