How To Talk to Spirits Through Mediumship

Talking to Spirits Through Mediumship

The Spirit World is Closer Than You Think!

Mediums serve as channels between the human world and higher dimensional beings such as angels, spirit guides, ETs, and humans who have crossed over. 

By raising their vibration, and having the spirit world lower theirs, mediumship uses psychic abilities to communicate with those in spirit. Everyone is a psychic, but being a medium is much more difficult; which is why some spiritual teachers explain that “all mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.”

Is mediumship real

A mental medium might soul to soul blend with an incarnate spirit, channel information from otherworldly beings, or even use Oracle cards; there are countless ways to receive information.

Physical mediumship on the other hand is when spirit shows themselves in more tangible ways and most mental mediums embrace some form of physical mediumship. Here are a few examples: 

Table Tipping

This is when participants stand around a table, place their fingertips very lightly on the edge, and engage in some form of activity, most often singing, to raise the energy. As spirit comes near, the table may knock, move, and sometimes even dance. It’s truly unbelievable to watch!)

Spirit Boards

These have a very bad reputation and are really not frightening to use as long as those using them are not engaged in lower vibrational activities. Much like table tipping, spirit comes near and helps to move the planchette around the board to various letters, symbols, or words. For most mediums like myself, it is very slow-moving and boring.


This is when a spirit enters the body of the medium causing changes such as visual transfiguration and voice alteration. It is NOT being possessed like the movies like to portray, but usually, it’s wise for the medium going into trance to have other qualified mediums nearby to assist.

Physical Phenomenon

This type of mediumship can be amazing to experience and it is when sounds or items simply appear out of thin air.


This is formed, most often with a medium sitting in something like a “cabinet,” a three-sided box of sorts that is designed to build the energy of spirit. Often a white substance called ectoplasm forms around the medium. I personally am not sure how I feel about this, since there have been many instances of trickery, and it has given mediumship a very bad reputation over the years. 

Is mediumship real?

Can a medium really talk to the dead

I jokingly begin my public events by saying that my head will not spin, nor will I projectile vomit during the demonstration. Unfortunately, due to Hollywood, mediumship has been overly sensationalized. Some people feel that it’s evil to talk to other realms, but it’s truly a beautiful experience. In all my years of doing this work, I have never been scared by the spirit world. Not only does mediumship heal the grieving heart, it offers closure and a sense of relief for many when they learn their loved one is still very much alive, but only in a different realm. 

Many organized religions have promoted the fear of mediumship because it helps to better control individuals from looking outside of their religion. Several instances of mediumship were originally written about in the Bible for example, but have since been deleted. Even if we look at Joan of Arc, it’s pretty clear she was a gifted medium.

I have yet to see a spirit trapped between realms, or unable to move on. Some spirits may enjoy staying in certain earthbound places for various reasons, but they DO move toward the light! 

Now that doesn’t mean that when a human crosses into the spirit realm they are suddenly omnipotent, and all-knowing. Just as we have grade levels in our school systems, in the afterlife, there are different levels of knowing. 

If someone like Hitler crosses over, he would not go to the same place that someone like Mother Teresa would, but that doesn’t mean that he is in a “hell,” or a “purgatory,” but rather he would be going through a period of “clearing” from the negative acts he did while in human form. From life between life hypnosis reports and NDEs, we have learned that upon our death we go through a period of reviewing our life, and not only relive how we felt but then experience all the emotions we caused others to feel. A VERY daunting thought if we have spent a life being cruel to others.

When a loved one dies do they visit you

A common question I get from clients is “do my loved ones in spirit visit me when I am sleeping, or am I making it up?” When we sleep, spirit people have a far easier time drawing close to us because we have turned off our logical brains. Unfortunately, our grief and our overthinking block spirit communication, so they actually love to use this time to visit.

Channel vs Medium: What’s the difference?

Physical mediumship is not something to play with unless there is the proper guidance. It’s not that the spirit world is frightening, however, it can be very powerful. If a medium doesn’t know how to properly handle the energy, they can get hurt. Physical mediumship is also slightly harder on the body of the medium.

Channeling is a lighter state of trance mediumship and has become quite popular. Many of these so-called “channelers” are really only connecting to their higher selves. However, there are some excellent legitimate channelers, such as Esther Hicks (Abraham), Edgar Cayce, Magenta Pixie (The White Winged Collective Conscious of Nine), Jane Roberts (Seth), Darryl Anka (Bashar), and Lee Harris (The Z’s) to just name a few.

What is a mediumship reading

When a client comes to me for a mediumship reading, we normally begin by doing a grounding meditation. I then set the intention to bring through the person’s loved ones who they most need to hear from. I cannot guarantee who will step forward during a mediumship reading, but I’ve noticed by setting this intention, 98% of the time the correct spirit people will step forward. 

As the spirit world comes in behind and blends with me, I feel into their characteristics and their personality, and I’m often given a relationship to the client. Once the relationship is established, I begin to delve into memories and tangible evidence such as cause of passing, career, relationships, and hobbies to prove that I am with their specific spirit person. With proper blending the client should actually feel the presence of their loved ones in the room, and it can be very powerful! 

There are usually several different spirits that will step forward, and most of them will also give the sitter a specific message that can be anything from. “I love you,” “I’m proud of you,” or “Grandma‘s ring is in the jewelry box under the bed.” 

The spirit world is not some faraway place, we all reside in the same space, it’s just that our human vibration is lower, and spirits are higher. Much like how we can’t see microwaves, but they heat our food. I notice that many spirits still enjoy sitting in the same chair they liked while alive, lying next to their loved ones in bed, and even playing with their dogs. (Animals have a much keener sense of spirit than we do as humans.)

There is no recipe for dealing with grief since everyone experiences it differently, but mediumship can offer closure, healing, and peace of mind for those dealing with loss. 

If you’re dealing with unresolved grief, book your mediumship reading directly online now. Why wonder when you can know?


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