How to Have a Lust for Life!

When I first moved to California, one of my favorite things to do was to go to the local bookstore and “go sideways,” as I would call it. This simply meant, wandering through the racks of books, with no agenda, and my head tipped to the side so I could see all the various titles. As I grabbed what looked interesting, sometimes I would make it to a chair, but most often I would just sit on the floor, leaning up against the rack and read. I could spend the entire afternoon doing this and always walked out, several hours later with a few new books. I couldn’t help it, books even smelled good to me!

I have always loved to learn. For anyone that understands numerology, it makes perfect sense since my Life Path Number is 7. (This is based on our birth date and it carries a certain power and energy with it, thereby making us intrinsically who we are.) I am a truth seeker and am always looking to investigate the meaning of life. So it’s only natural that I would also gravitate toward teaching, since I love to share all of the various things I have learned.

Our ability to learn, grow and transform, in my humble opinion, is why we are here. It’s not a matter of, “I have learned, now I know,” but rather, “I have learned, and now I have more questions!” Our brains are complex and beautiful, and our lives are far richer when we utilize them often, and in various ways.

This need not be in a formal setting, and with the internet and the vast amount of workshops and books released yearly, we have a storehouse of information at our fingertips. When I first started taking spiritual workshops, there were not a lot to choose from, but now they are everywhere. From mastering our thoughts, reading chakras, mediumship development, meditation, the Akashi Records, yoga retreats, intuitive training, learning about past lives, aliens and everything in between, if we are interested in going down the proverbial spiritual “rabbit hole,” there are easy ways to do it. (And I HIGHLY recommend it!)

Much like the beauty of traveling, the more we open our minds to new ideas, the more insightful, compassionate, and intrigued we are with the majesty of our world. We become better humans, as well as spiritual beings. Life is an adventure, for we are always seeing things with the eyes of a child, with new and exciting twists. Learning keeps us young, far more than any filler, Botox, or surgery could ever do.

Often clients tell me they have lost their enthusiasm for life, and I always direct them toward learning. We need to find the areas in our life that make us curious, and then start digging. What do we feel passionate about? Whether through workshops, books, articles or retreats, learning takes us places, allowing us to improve ourselves in new and unusual ways. We become more interesting, well rounded and grateful in the process.

If we are feeling stuck, maybe it’s time to sign up for that new workshop or class, join a book club, or start yoga like we have been wanting to. Now is the time to take back our lust for life and learn!

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