How Do You View the World?

We create our reality by the way we see the world.  When we live in frustration, anger, fear, loneliness and victimization, these feelings will replicate themselves tenfold, and this is the environment in which our lives will progress. If we only view ourselves and others from our flawed human condition, we will be let down, betrayed, angered and disappointed time and again. By building walls around ourselves for fear of being hurt, all we do is invite in additional trauma that will damage us even more in the long run.  When we place our focus on challenges like post traumatic stress, anxiety, or our tiggers, it only brings in more of the same to set us off; for these are always what we are thinking about, and how we come to define ourselves.  We will likewise see this in others.  All of these things have a fear based lower vibration; and what we put out, the Universe sends back.  

However, when we step closer to the Divine, opening up our hearts to love, compassion, empathy and understanding of our universal oneness, we can experience God in everything we do and each situation we experience.

Ram Dass explains this very well when he said, “Everywhere you look, you see what you’re looking for.”  When we look to see the goodness in others, this is what we will see.  Since we are all pieces the Divine, we are all smaller beings of God.  

Just as one person sees a dark cloudy day as frightening and ominous, another can witness it as an amazing and spectacular show of the majesty of Mother Nature.  All aspects of the beauty of life truly DO lie in the beholder!

We cannot however, see the grace, purity, love, and joy in another, if we are unable to recognize these in ourselves.  Once we open our hearts up and allow this exquisite Divine power to flow through us, we can then begin to recognize the souls of our brothers and sisters.  By taking the time to delve into our own higher selves and our souls, we will then be able to experience life from a higher vibrational place full of love and understanding for all, knowing we are not our emotions and egos.

When we expect to see good in others, this is what we will see, and subsequently when we only looking for people to be cruel or negative, this is also what we will experience; simply because it is what we are anticipating.  Therefore, we can decide at any given time to see the positive aspects of life, being grateful for all we have, and experiencing God in all things, even when life brings us challenges.  For although these tests may cause pain, when we place our emphasis on learning more about ourselves and others, from a place of understanding and mercy, we will be looking for the good, and that is what we will see.  The choice is ours regardless of our circumstances, because “everywhere you look, you see what you’re looking for.”


  1. Corrina on January 24, 2022 at 5:09 pm

    Reality is merely a mirror reflecting your inner world.