Have You Always Wanted to be a Psychic?

What is a psychic medium explained

Let’s discuss how to identify if you’re a psychic and how you can tap into your powers.

Everyone is psychic…bottom line! However, due to the way we are raised and how our individual brains are wired, some people have an easier time stepping into these natural abilities. (These are not “gifts” because everyone has them and these skills can be learned.) So, what is a psychic, and how do we tap into these powers?

Just as animals in the wild have “instinct,” humans have “intuition.” We never see an animal in the wild sitting and thinking about whether they should run when being chased; they just know. Humans on the other hand are trained from a very early age to analyze and overthink everything. Our parents, teachers, and education systems promote this; yet how often is there an emphasis on feeling, sensing, or knowing? 

What’s the difference between a psychic and a medium

How many times have we heard someone say, “I knew that was going to happen, but I did it anyway.” This is an excellent example of how we get “psychic hits” but then bring the idea back to our rational thinking brain, and thus, talk ourselves out of listening to our intuition!

When we use our skills, we learn to trust our intuition and utilize more than the five exterior senses, focusing on areas like clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairsentience (clear feeling), and claircognizance (clear knowing). “Mediums” tap into their power to connect to the spirit world, but not all psychics are mediums. 

As humans, we are made up of three parts: our human body, our soul, and our spirit. Our human is the biological aspect of ourselves that makes us Homo Sapiens. In this lies the rational, analytical, and thinking brain, often referred to as the ego. It is, however, fear-based, because when danger strikes, we as humans need to be able to know how to anticipate and stay alive. When we only connect to our human, we focus primarily on worry, anxiety, competitiveness, and the fear of lack. (A lower, 3rd Dimensional way of living.) 

The soul on the other hand is our individual self that travels with us from life to life, choosing which lessons it wishes to learn. Whereas the spirit is the small piece of God that connects all of us (scientifically proven and sometimes called Quantum Entanglement) and is often referred to as the higher self. 

This higher self holds much knowledge, wisdom, and information because it is connected to the omnipotent source of the Divine. The problem with most humans, however, is that they are disconnected from their souls and their spirits, seeing themselves only as humans; therefore missing out on this trinity that is rightfully theirs.

How to know if you’re psychic

Psychic information can come from several places, like our souls, our higher selves, or the Akashic Records. (This is also known as the Hall of Records and is said to hold every piece of information that has ever happened or will ever happen.)

The better we understand ourselves, and this amazing “trinity,” the easier it is to receive this higher knowledge and guidance. To do this, however, we need to spend time in meditation and self-reflection. When we are constantly running from one thing to the next in our lives, always in action, we miss the chance to embrace all the facets of our being. This is why we are called “human beings” rather than “human doings!” A strong psychic will know how to slow down their “monkey mind” so they are able to receive information clearly and concisely. Meditation is the best way to learn how to do this!

The better we understand these aspects of ourselves, the easier it is to receive this information. However, any information received will be filtered through our personal frame of reference. So if someone is a music buff, they might hear lyrics to songs for information, while another person who knows literature may see or hear the lines of poetry, or a person who loves old movies may see a scene from a Betty Davis film to give them information. Yet if we don’t learn to quiet our minds, the information may come in such a way, that rather than understanding the subtle references, it gets missed. 

As we change and grow throughout our lives, so do our psychic abilities. If we are a more visual person, we may organically have better clear seeing (clairvoyance), or someone who is musically inclined may have an easier time hearing things (clairaudience), and those who have developed a deeper trust in themselves may have stronger clear knowing (claircognizance). However, to be a good psychic, we want to embrace all of these ways to receive information. Just as a bodybuilder works all parts of their body, so should a psychic use all of their “clairs.”

How to become a psychic

A psychic receives information throughout the day because they are open to it, but it takes years of practice to learn how best they work and the meanings of the information they receive. 

This is why proper practice and training is important. Just as we want our accountants to be good with numbers, we also expect them to know the ins and outs of tax laws. The same is true of how well a psychic taps into and unpacks their own knowledge base. 

Like with all things, practice, and training are what separates an OK psychic medium from an excellent one! This may be done through reading, training with an expert, or sitting in a development circle. Still, our natural abilities will only take us so far, and therefore learning proper techniques is essential. Whether we are drawn to remote viewing, telepathy, astral travel, dream analysis, past lives, or using divination tools like scrying or oracle cards, our ability to discern comes in through these skills.

If someone is interested in tapping into these natural psychic abilities, meditation is a gateway that prepares the mind to receive information. However, using every moment of the day as teachable, not only helps us to move away from overthinking (the last thing an intuitive wants to do) but gives us many times to practice. So whether waiting for an elevator to arrive and feeling which door will open first, sensing who is calling when the phone rings, or tapping into another person in line while waiting for coffee, we have unlimited opportunities to practice throughout the day.

Since our powers come in through the right brain imagination, creatives have an easier time stepping into their power but certainly left brain analytical thinkers can learn to be this way as well. This is why budding psychics often feel like they are  “making things up.” The information we receive utilizes the same part of the brain as the imagination. 

Practice is paramount when learning how to tap into our power. Finding a legitimate teacher to show us helpful techniques to get out of our rational thinking brains or sitting in a development circle allows us to gain confidence and deeper insight into these skills. 

We really DO have magical abilities if we understand how to use them!

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