Good or Bad Spirits?

Channeled by Psychic Medium Susan Schueler from Jacob, Master Teacher of The Akashic Records.June 20, 2017

Good or Bad Spirits?

Dear gentle beings, we welcome you today to this new bright day, full of possibilities and joy. You are nearing your summer solstice, which is considered your longest day of the year in many parts of your planet, and we bring this to your attention because this also symbolizes the light that we see growing on your planet, as well as your level of enlightenment as it shines brighter.   You are this light, and we remind you to BE this light.

That being said, we are brought to the topic of today’s discussion… The spirit world. We understand the limited thinking that the human mind encapsulates, although we in no way wish to insult your intelligence. It is only that you still are such a young group and have yet to experience much, so we understand why you are thinking in this limited way.

Due to this, there are still many truths you have yet to grasp, and in your limited thinking but intelligent minds, you have formed certain opinions in attempt to label and understand things. But there are still many misconceptions in your “truths.”
There are different realms in the universe, some good, others not as good, and some with populations with lower developed intellects, just as there are extremely heightened levels of perception.   Some are part of this spirit realm in the traditional way your planet views them, and others are just various life forms. Most of the lifeforms are of a higher vibration, but there are other lower ones as well. So what we explain to you now is that many of you confuse the spiritual realm, with other lifeforms in the universe that may be of a lower frequency, but these are very different; very different indeed.
The more the veil on your planet thins, the more portals are opening up to various places, some of these connected to the lower frequencies.
The spirit world is a very high vibrational place and there is never anything frightening or harmful from this. It operates from a place of harmony, love and understanding. Even though your spirit people keep their personalities when they cross, the earth evil that some may have had on the planet gets washed clean. For some of these less evolved in their human form, this may take a lengthy period of clearing and readjusting, as they reconnect to the purity and beauty of their soul, and disconnect from the human ego. But yes, even those serial killers in your world will go back to the pure form eventually.
So when you speak of “good spirits or bad spirits” on your planet, please do not believe this, for the true spirit world is only of a high beautiful vibration of love, light and greater understanding.
These lower vibrational entities that some of you may have experienced, do not come from the Spirit world, but rather other realms. Only when your own vibration is weakened, will these lower “pests” bother you, and there is much you can do to avoid association with them.
Since we remind you that like attracts like, you want to make sure you are resonating at a high frequency yourself. Anything like drugs, alcohol, fighting, drama, or ego driven living… all of these things will lower your frequency, thereby inviting low vibrational beings into your life. We do not mean to frighten you, because if you live in a higher vibration these things can simply hold no power over you, but there are portals everywhere.
You may have seen some of these lower vibrational beings as black flashes or forms, but they can hold no power over you if you come from love and peace, not fear and anger. We cannot stress this enough.
When people on your planet speak of places being haunted, with what you referred to as “ghosts,” a majority of the time this is simply left over residual energy left by the human interactions in a place. For those of you who are more sensitive than others, you will feel this negative energy. Because you are often feeling left over anger, hate and fear, it can feel very scary if you actually believe it is alive. However, in most cases, it is simply a loop of negative energy that is trapped because the people who still reside in the place have not been able to raise their own vibration enough to clean the negativity away.
When many believe they are clearing “evil spirits,” they are really just raising the vibration of the space and moving the negative energy away. The same is true of people who have “attachments”– for these are not spirit attachments in the way many of you think, but lower vibrational attachments. These do not have an intelligence at a level we would call “intelligence.”
The spirit world on the other hand, has many levels of intelligence. These multitude of levels allow some to have a far higher vibration that others, but none of these are based from fear or hate, but only different levels of love and joy, and all are exceptionally intelligent.
Yes, there are some of your spirits from earth who once were on the planet, and still spend time in certain areas, but not for the reason your sensationalized films and TV programs wish to depict. No spirit people are ever trapped, for they are free to come and go once they cross. Some are not ready to cross due to their belief systems on earth, and may fear repercussions of a “heaven or hell” and therefore choose to stay for a while.  Others who cross to the other side may wish to stay in certain places, close to loved ones or to places where they had happy memories. These are not “ghosts” and they are far from trapped.   The human linear mind simply believes that one can be either “here” or “there,” but it is far more vast than that.

We are simply touching on some of the truth at this time, but there are still many convoluted concepts most of you are unable to understand. However, we cannot stress enough, but there is nothing to fear. You control your vibration and the frequency of your living environment, and if you feel at any time a certain negativity, there is much you can do to raise your vibration so these lower life forms are not attracted to you. With them can come further bad behaviors and sickness if you allow it, but you hold control over them, not the other way around. So there is nothing for you to fear.

Keeping your space’s vibration high should be an ongoing practice, much like cleaning your house. Negativity is attracted to clutter, dirt, disorganization, fighting and hostility, and of course drugs and alcohol abuse.

We ask you to focus on living your lives from a place of love, hope, compassion and kindness, not fear, hate and anger.

Using natural elements such as sages, crystals, sound therapy and the like, will allow your bodies and living spaces to resonate from the highest of places, thereby inviting only the high energetic forms into your living environments. The spirit world is a rich bountiful place of love, compassion and understanding. Those of us who are in the spirit world are here to help you with your soul’s evolution. We are here to serve, if you but ask us. There are many levels that we in the spiritual realm reside in, but regardless of what that level, we are here to help serve humanity – never are we here to hurt. It simply isn’t so.

Do not engage with those lower trickster forms, for they will at times, attempt to impersonate. It comes down to the love you feel in your heart. Remember, like attracts like, and when you exude love, compassion, empathy and joy, this is indeed the reality you create around yourself. Those lower negative beings will not wish to bother with you, so stop living in fear.
Love is real. The spirit world is real. Keep your focus there and always remember, we are here on your planet at this time to help serve and protect if you ask us. It is what we have come here to do. Keep your lower vibrational dramas at bay and focus on love. Love is the only answer. Love!