Flow with the Changes

As I write this, I am sitting in my bungalow waiting for a crew of men to walk through who are thinking of buying it.  I knew this was a possibility after my 96 year old landlady recently died.  
     This little piece of heaven has been my home for 20 years and I love every nook in it.  I have painted each wall at least twice, laid new flooring and even replaced the overhead lights.  The memories are forever imprinted in my mind.  This is the longest I have ever lived anywhere and I have grown into a deeply spiritual being within these walls.   Yet now, the fate of my future rests in the hands of some businessmen, who may very well tear down this lovely little 1928 beach bungalow.  I can fight it, stress about it and worry; but why bother.  
     Change is inevitable, and although it might make us feel uncomfortable, sometimes surrendering into it is the best approach.  As humans, we so often fear change.  Most of the time we feel like we would rather stay where we are, with the same person, same job, or same home, just because we feel we know what to expect.  We close ourselves down from all the many other amazing opportunities or experiences that may be waiting for us.  We allow fear to rule us, rather than trusting in the Universe, knowing we will be taken care.
     Never have I felt more blessed than I do now for having the faith that I have.  When I moved to this bungalow, I was a 35 year old woman starting over, and here I stand, a 55 year old woman, once again starting over; so perhaps this cycle has completed itself.  Time will tell.
     Just as with an old worn out relationship that no longer serves us, sometimes things need to change.  I know that whatever the outcome that happens with this housing situation, all will be well.  Life moves forward.  We learn, we evolve and we grow.  
     I recall an ex of mine proudly saying once that he had not changed, that I had done the changing.  Of course I had, for those who do not change, do not grow.  We should actually strive for change.  Be proud of change.  Embrace our changes; seeing new things with excitement.  For change is the seed that allows for ultimate growth.
     I don’t have a clue where I will be next year at this time.  I could end up in London, New Orleans, The Blue Ridge Mountains or Nova Scotia for all I know, but I am open to the many possibilities that this life has to offer.  I trust that my spiritual guides will help lead me to be where is best for my soul and its purpose.  I am thrilled to be alive at this time, and although I don’t know the outcome, I understand it’s still a grand adventure.  
     Maybe it’s time for all of us to enjoy the process of change, welcoming in the unknown with a sense of awe and excitement.