Finding TRUE Love

Sometimes it takes a rejection from another person to show us how much we have forgotten to love ourselves.  It’s easy for humans to place far too much emphasis on romantic love, thereby giving away our own Divine power, while we no longer embrace the beauty that lies within in our own souls.  Yet this inner love, not romantic love, is where true peace and happiness reside.  If we spend our lives looking for another to “complete us” or fill the emptiness we may have left over from our past traumas, we will time and time again, fall short of feeling the love we deeply desire.

True love stems from within, and it is only through creating a connected and everlasting relationship with self that we can learn to bond with others.     So if an individual has not taken the time to soul search, spend time alone, delve into their triggers, flaws, hurts, and psychological make up; all other loves will fall short.  Everything we need is already within us, and not in some external place.

So during this “month of love,” perhaps we might be better served to spend time with ourselves and learn to enjoy our presence, rather than looking for another person to compliment us, praise us, pay attention to us, and make us feel worthy.   Spend time alone.  Pamper ourselves to a massage.  Go to dinner alone.  Curl up with a good book or movie alone.  Take the time to enjoy the silence of the soul; for this is where true contentment and inner peace will grow.  Have the deepest, most profound love affair of your life…with yourself.

Happy Valentine’s Day Beautiful Souls!