Do You Know How to Manifest Your Dreams Correctly?

The buzz these days often seems to center around the word “manifesting” or as some refer to it as, “the law of attraction.” It has been 14 years since the book The Secret hit the scene, making this a main stream concept, and most people (at least in the spiritual community) use mantras or affirmations as a way to achieve their goals. Yet how many of us continue to fall short of our hopes, desires and dreams? In theory, the concept appears to make sense, but did it really help us to lose the weight, find that love, or get a dream job? 

Manifesting at a Glance

So what exactly is the concept of manifesting?

  1. Decide in detail exactly what it is we want. 
  2. See it, feel it and imagine it as if it’s actually been achieved. The feeling part is the most important aspect of this, since it’s our vibration that the Universe will respond to. That’s why many people find making vision boards a productive part of this process.
  3. Ask the Universe for what you want, and TRUST that it will delivery it. We don’t need to logically know how this is supposed to happen, but simply feel it will and trust the process.
  4. Use words, whether in written form or verbally to support these desires and feeling.
  5. Trust and wait.

This sounds great, but most folks find it doesn’t quite work the way they have anticipated. Many of us are unaware of the constant negative thoughts running in a loop in our minds. Whether from our families, schools, cultures or limiting belief systems, we have been indoctrinated to live this way, and for many, these thought patterns are woven into the deep workings of our subconscious. Our unresolved traumas will rear their ugly heads and keep us trapped, unable to manifest anything, unless we learn to take a deeper look at ourselves.

So the first step to manifesting should actually start with learning about HOW we actually think. Yet, since each of us do this in a different manner, we need to develop a deeper introspection and understanding about self, but not everyone wants to go there. If they did, our society wouldn’t see so many individuals with drug and alcohol problems, doing all within their power to avoid the deep issues in their life. Whether we numb ourselves with wine, gummies, sex addictions, cocaine, prescription drugs or our need to to be co-dependent, all of these behaviors separate us from our true selves.

I was recently discussing some of my own personal development challenges with a friend when he sincerely replied, “I really don’t have any personal issues that I need to work on.” I felt bad because I laughed, thinking he was kidding, but he wasn’t. Clearly not everyone comes from a place of self reflection and understanding. 

Aside from our prior conditioning, I have found challenges with manifesting go back to two main other issues. Firstly, the human brain has a hard time with letting go of things. It demands the need to understand HOW it is going to happen, and with this HOW, our ego likes to creep forward, giving us all the many reasons why it isn’t going to happen and why it couldn’t possible occur!

The second challenge with this method is that people unknowingly do not choose their words properly. Think about some of the following mantras: 

I am receptive to a loving relationship in my life. (Great, but when?)

Money flows freely in my life. (That’s terrific, but does that mean IN or OUT of your life?)

The perfect dream job is coming my way. (Next week. Next year? 2040?)

My health is improving every day. (So when will you be healed?)

These are great sentiments, but simply by adding the word, “NOW” on these statements, they become far more powerful and effective.

If we are looking for ways to manifest things into our life, we need to be sure that we are doing it correctly. There is magic within each of us, IF we know how to utilize it! We need to keep those vibrations high and not be shy about allowing ourselves to dream BIG! 

So what do you want to manifest?