Dealing With Grief

Dealing With Grief
Channeled by Psychic Medium Susan Schueler from Jacob, Master Teacher of The Akashic Records

Hello brave ones, welcome to this new day. We begin by drawing attention to your innate bravery. Today’s topic is challenging to deal with, for it encompasses much pain and human suffering; these are never easy things in your human world.

With death of your human lives, comes grief.  Although grief is loss, we in no way wish to eradicate this emotion, but first began by explaining that the mind and soul continue on after the passing of the human physical body. Because of this, there is not true loss, but rather an alteration in the previous relationship. The energy of your loved ones live on, not only in your current memories, but also in their souls. Therefore understand, no one truly “dies,” as many might believe.

That being said, we understand the feelings of loss connected to your human emotions when a loved one transitions to the other side. For not only does the human brain comprehend this, but the heart also feels this emotional loss.  Death also severs the connection to the dreams and plans those left behind may have had concerning the deceased.  Whether a parent, spouse, child or a friend passes, regardless of their connection to the people they leave behind, those remaining on Earth had shared future hopes, dreams, vacations, goals, and events that they expected to be together for. Even days such as holidays, birthdays and anniversaries were days with expectations.

You are energetically connected, especially to those whom you are closest to, so when these cords get cut from the human plane, we understand the emptiness it leaves behind.

Some of you avoid speaking to one another about death out of fear, but this is not something that can be avoided. For grief is a powerful learning tool. You agreed to be here at this time to obtain knowledge.  With today’s message, we desire that you open your minds to this message about the learning opportunities that bereavement may offer.  Since it is inevitable, like with most things on your planet, the more you fight against something that will inevitably cause change, the harder you make it on yourself.

Surrendering to grief will not occur straightaway for all individuals. For as we said before, death and the passing of a loved one is never the same… The same situation… Circumstances… Or people who are involved. So of course, each situation will be different and affect those involved in various ways. With death and grieving there is no “right” or “wrong” way to deal with it… Only different. Much depends upon you! We do remind you however of its inevitability, so pretending it won’t affect you is a form of avoidance that simply won’t work. You are here to learn, so choose to learn from these moments of grief. Although we cannot explain the reasons behind many of the different deaths, we can indeed see that there is much growth and learning that may be obtained from those left behind.

This growth will be more challenging to experience however, if you do not allow grief to envelop you in its natural way. As many of your humans understand, there are stages to death. Although these do not occur in linear ways, grief does encompass, bargaining, denial, anger, acceptance and depression.

Since grief is in inevitable, we invite you to accept that these are emotions you will go through, so allow these feelings to flow freely, allowing your own souls and minds to learn, grow, and hopefully evolve into better versions of yourself in the process. Like we said, no two situations will be exactly the same so envelop this grief and allow it to help altar you into a better version of yourself. One who may then help others, as they too experience their own loss.

As humans you are busy moving through your daily lives and do not often stop and consider. Death forces you to do this. It makes you stop, look, and listen to one another. To appreciate one another on a deeper level. To take the time to be thankful for those who travel with you, and too, in some small way, remind one another how interwoven you are.  Death changes you, but it doesn’t have to be in a negative way.

The act of dying creates the act of living a more aware life for those who are left behind. What if those who leave early decided to do so, so they could be used as a catalyst to help others evolve and grow?

For those of you who may yet to experience the loss of a loved one, let us explain that grief does not end after death occurs; those grieving only simply learn to readjust their lives to the pain the void left and live again in a different way.  For this is the reason we tell you of the importance of allowing the grief to take hold of you. Allow yourself to feel the pain. Of course, we also tell you the pain will then begin to be part of you, so with acceptance, comes a level of acknowledging the pain into your daily life.

Death of a loved one has the ability to help you grow into a better version of yourself; a more compassionate, empathetic, spiritual version. It allows you to have your soul connect to the souls of those around you.

Think of your human funerals and memorial services. How all of you gather together to show your love for those left behind. The services are not truly meant for those who have died, but rather for those living on the Earth with their loved ones no longer at their physical side.

Grieving and death can be the most life altering aspects of the lives for those who are left behind. Through death, you learn how to live. You learn of the importance of seeing each other and looking (really looking) at those important beings in your life. You stop taking people for granted, because there is the realization that nothing is permanent and not everyone will live a long full life and your planet.

So we challenge you today, to remind yourself that you are all, on some level, dying. So choose to live each day, starting today in such a way that you do not need to lose a loved one before you take a moment to step back and appreciate those who are living in your lives.

Reach out to another. Call an old friend. Contact a loved one who you may not have seen or spoken to in a long time. Ask them to lunch. Go visit family members. Patch up useless old differences with the people in your life. Try to focus on your similarities, not your differences.

Be proactive in your grieving process and take full appreciation of one another while you are still alive. Be there for each other when people you know are experiencing death. Help them with their own grieving. Yes grief is inevitable, but no one needs to go through it alone. Reach out your capable hands to one another, there is so much you can do.