Do You Have Anxiety?

Every Tuesday at 10 am EST on OM Times Radio, Susan channels Jacob, a Master Teacher of the Akashic Records.  

August 7th 2016
Topic:  Dealing With Anxiety

“Breathe, so many of you forget the importance of breathing.  Deeply.  With deliberation and a deeper level of consciousness that allows the old stale air out, and the new air to calm and rejuvenate you.  Bringing in  hope, serenity and balance.  It all begins with the breath.

Once again, need I remind you, you are not alone.  With your shortness of breath, frustration, feelings of lack of control and fear.  No one said being in this human form would be easy, but you chose it for now, and you are far braver than you know. Breathe!

As you learn to do this, starting from the most basic place of when your time on Earth first began, you will go back to a place of being grounded, centers, and once again balanced.  You will notice the levels of fear will begin to dissipate.

You human’s see your self as Atlas, with the world upon your shoulders, as the weight bares down on you.  Some of these pressures are real, some – not so much.  Keep that fragile ego in check my gentle ones, for only when you come from a place of ego, are you fragile.

Breathe!  Let it go…  Stop holding on to all the small hurts, the hurts many like to nurture, embrace, hug, and speak lovingly to….they serve you not.  Release them and watch as they sail away toward the far distant seas of the past turbulence of your mind.  Let them go, and rather, concentrate on the clear sky’s that were there all along, IF you but chose to redirect your attentions that way.  This life you are leading is much about the intention you set for yourself, so make this a priority and the winds will begin to alter their directions.  But need I say again, it all begins with the breath.

As humans, your mind and spirit hold much power, but forget not the body is also part of this equation.  So what you put in it will thusly, also affect how you process the fears and stresses that come your way.  They had it right when you were told, “your body is a temple.  Make this temple work in your favor, not against you. Be aware of what goes into it.  This mind, body, and spirit must be in proper balance.  All three must be nurtured and exercised, and not kept stagnant.

You are meant to constantly be evolving.  It is why you are here – to learn, to grow, to BE.  When you embrace the fear, rather than the growth, you feed the wrong areas.  So realize – letting go of anxiety means placing your focus some place else.

We do not expect you to do this overnight, but once you begin this practice, it will slowly become second nature to you.  No concert pianist is born a virtuoso, but rather becomes this way through practice.  Trust that there is much outside of yourself as well, and know that we too will help in any way we can if you bit ask. Ask.

Stop attempting to do it alone.  We see your ups and downs and stay near you through all of these.  We are there to hold your hand when you need us to, or give you that gentle loving push as well when you need to be reminded that you are braver than you know.  Trust us, trust yourself, breathe…and then let go.  Let it all go ….  Once you do, you will feel the fear, anxiety and self judgement begin to disappear- as they should.  Let your love SHINE – not your anger or your fear.  As your love leads the way, so will we, simply because you will then be ALLOWING us to lead the way.”

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