Could Your Overeating Be a Sign You Are Not Grounded?

Is anyone else out there gaining weight?

After the menopause monster hit a few years ago, I started packing on the pounds.  It got to the point that I was so distressed about how my normally big strong athletic body looked, that I switched gears and became and emotional eater. At 5 feet 6 inches, I finally got on the scale to the magic number of 185 pounds and knew something had to be done!  

Enter the HCG diet!  This HCG diet has been around since the 1950’s and was first introduced by Dr. Simeon in his book Pounds and Inches.  It incorporates daily injections of the hormone women produce during pregnancy, HCG, as well as a 500 calorie restricted diet for approximately a 3 week period, and then another 3 week period of less restricted calories, but absolutely NO sugar or starches.  I first learned of this from a book Kevin Trudeau wrote in 2007 and even back then it sounded insane to me.  (Yeah, desperate times, desperate measures and all that.)

I started this diet with the help of my doctor and realized the HCG truly does help to make eating 500 calories doable!  In fact, I actually CUT OUT some of the items, trying to make the protocol work better for me and some days I could not finish the portions I DID eat!

However, this is the one part I did NOT expect; I was in fast gear.  When I was not doing my readings, I was literally running around the house from project to project, painting this, planting that, cleaning closets, you name it.  I planned this when my husband was out of town for two weeks, and it wasn’t until I had coffee with a friend, two days into it, that I realized how fragmented my thoughts were.  I consider myself a VERY grounded person, but suddenly, I felt like ADHD girl who stopped all linear thinking and jumped from topic to topic like a 3rd grader.

 It suddenly occurred to me that I use food to ground me!  It was a true epiphany.  

Looking back, I now realize my weight started to climb as I fully embraced my spiritual gifts.  The more I did spiritual work, the more I needed proper grounding…so I ATE!  

Realizing this was a huge step for me, so for the next few weeks of the restricted diet, I worked on new ways to ground myself WITHOUT food.  While doing this protocol, I was still seeing clients daily for both psychic and mediumship readings, so it was important to me that I figure this out and not have it effect my work.

This is an ongoing issue for me due to all the work I do in the spiritual realm.  (I spend a lot of my time speaking to the dead, and I need to make sure I am not “off with the fairies!”!) I know many psychic mediums and healers around the world.  However, the vast majority rely on something to ground them, and that is most often, smoking, drinking, or eating.  However, I am here to tell you there are other healthier ways to deal with this, and they work!

If you feel you may have unhealthy practices that help to ground you, here are some excellent grounding techniques that have helped me, that do NOT include food:

  • Taking salt baths
  • Walking daily in nature
  • Doing yoga
  • Breathing exercises  (breath in for five counts, hold for two and breathe out slowly for ten counts is a simple one for example)
  • Being in the moment (playing with pets, watching people, having a conversation with a friend and really listening, dancing, etc…)
  • Visualization Techniques: Examples: Visualize digging a grounding cord into the earth from the base of the spin.  Then bring up all of the earth’s energy through the cord and up through the body, traveling through the 7 chakras until it gets to the top of the head. OR…Visualize that your feet are growing roots far down into the earth and spreading far and wide, keeping you strong, stable, and grounded to the earth.
  • Cleaning and organizing my home (Yes, this includes closets and drawers!)
  • Gardening and planting seeds
  • Sitting in the sun
  • Walking barefoot on the grass, or sitting on the grass
  • Exercising, but make sure it is something you enjoy!  (I enjoy skating, walking, yoga, swimming and lifting!)
  • Being creative!  (For me this means making smudging sprays and soy intention candles for my clients and writing) but it can be anything from painting, to dancing, singing knitting, flower arrangements, etc…)

Best wishes on your own spiritual journey, and don’t forget to ground yourself in healthy ways!
For more information about this diet, check out Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeon or check out my “go to gal” Shirley Jones at her Facebook page at:  or the website at: