Choosing Words to Heal the World

Channeled Message By Psychic Medium Susan Schueler
From Master Teacher Jacob, of The Akashic Records

Alphabet Soup for the Soul: Choosing Words to Heal the World

Hello beautiful ones. We wish to remind you that today your light shines brightly and looks spectacular from our vantage point. You often miss this, so we felt it was a good time to remind you of this fact.

This also leads us into the power of words. Each day, you begin anew, with all the opportunities in your lives, fresh for the taking. You create your day through the experiences you allow, or disallow, as well as the people you move toward or away from. Whether these are conscious or unconscious decisions, they are decisions all the same and will determine your experiences. Much is true with the words you use. The words you create in your mind, create your life. This can also be said about the words you feed one another. Just as you would not prepare your family a rancid meal, you should not feed others words filled with the poison of the ego, hate or lack of hope.

You are all connected; you are one. When one of you is adversely affected, on a certain level, you will all feel it. For this reason, we remind you of why it is a grave responsibility that you put the proper thought and care into speaking to others. Create words that will heal, nourish and help others to thrive, so they then may do likewise, thereby creating a positive chain reaction on your planet. Think of the majesty of that! And it all begins with simple words. The expression “word of life” says it all, for words make up your lives.

We realize there are some of you who were raised by parents who did not choose their words with care. Rather, they allowed their words to fly quickly out of their mouth’s in an angry, frustrated fury. We see how this has left many of you crippled, picking up the pieces of your lives for years to come. We wish we could take away the pain that this has inflicted, but alas, we are unable. But – we can teach you the power of your own words to help lift others in the future. Remember, your parents were of a different time. A time when your Earth’s energy was much slower and denser in its vibration. You are more enlightened now; use this to your advantage. Being sure not to repeat those words that were said to you, but to create other words. Words that generate love, honor, respect, enlightenment and empowerment for all whom you interact with, from the person at the coffee shop to the homeless woman on the street.

We fully understand that it is more of a challenge to choose kind words when others may not do so when dealing with you, however, this is especially the time when lack of kindness needs to be repaid with kindness, not (however justifiable) harsh words.

You create your world with the vocabulary that you use, in your mind and verbally.

Think of the times another has used either the spoken or written word to harm you. Remember how that made you feel? How it stayed with you for days and weeks… perhaps it still lingers. Perhaps you even took those words and believed them. Believed that you did not really sparkle or shine. That you were stupid. That you were unworthy of love or understanding. Recall the times you may have accepted these words from others as truth. Do you see the power of words now?

Use this power to lift up others, not to wound. Help to reprogram some of the negative believes that others may have heard, day in and day out over the years. This will inadvertently continue to raise the planet’s vibration as well.

You create the words that will feed the souls of those on Earth, so do so carefully and with love.

Much of this begins with slowing yourselves down so you have the ability to consider your words. As always we remind you of the importance of slowing your minds. There are many forms of doing this, but simply try being present. Looking at a leaf, the sky, your pets. Be in the moment and of course – breathe! When doing this simple change, you will notice that there will be a shift in your energy. You will feel a greater focus and stillness. You will connect to your soul and will begin to hear your soul’s wisdom speak.

This is the place where you want to learn to come from when forming your words. Not from your human mind and ego, but from the purity of your wisdom filled soul. The soul doesn’t remember past hurts or come from a jaded place of emotions, but instead it is the little piece of God that resides deep within.

Allow that part of you to step forward when you wish to create your words for others. When done so properly these are the words of life that will inspire, create, give hope and help others to remember who they are, and the pure magnificence of the way they shine.

Yes this takes a conscious effort, but one well worth it, for it will alter every atom in your bodies, creating much beauty and love for others. Be the light of the world for others.

You have the power to heal the world by simply using the proper words. It’s so simple – perhaps not easy, but very simple.

We see your majesty. Your beauty. Your untapped potential. We have such faith in you. Yet, we still see how your words cause great challenges. It doesn’t have to be this way. If you could learn to alter what goes on within, you could speak differently to others in loving and encouraging ways. Be the light of the world for others. Light their path. Help them on their journey – for you too may need help on yours one day.
Be kind.
Be thoughtful.
Be wise.
Be love.
You are the light of the world!