Dealing With Anxiety

Every Tuesday at 10 am EST on OM Times Radio, Susan channels Jacob, a Master Teacher of the Akashic Records.   August 7th 2016Topic:  Dealing With Anxiety “Breath, so many of you forget the importance of breathing.  Deeply.  With deliberation and a deeper level of consciousness that allows the old stale air out, and the…

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Could Your Overeating Be a Sign You Are Not Grounded?

Is anyone else out there gaining weight? After the menopause monster hit a few years ago, I started packing on the pounds.  It got to the point that I was so distressed about how my normally big strong athletic body looked, that I switched gears and became and emotional eater. At 5 feet 6 inches,…

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You ARE Special!  

My husband likes to say in his endearing and jaded way, “You are special, just like everyone else.” I get his point, yet, although we may have many similarities with one another, there are aspects of us that do indeed stand out. I believe it is part of our life’s mission to find what this…

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