Burning Bridges

“Sometimes you get the best light, from a burning bridge.”  The first time I heard this quote by Don Henley it took a second to sink in, but then I realized what a brilliant statement it was.  

Some people simply do not deserve our time, thoughts, energy, or respect, and the best course of action is to sever all ties, light that match and walk away.  

We’ve all been there, and have given second, third and fourth chances to those people who continue to throw us selfishly under the bus due to their own unhealed wounds.  We have seen the flags, knew instinctively they were unable to act as they should, yet we continued to hope they really would come through in the end.  But they didn’t.

This is not about being unforgiving however, this is about finally cutting all cords from someone who has proven themself to be toxic, and unequivocally destroying any possibility of a future relationship with that individual.  Once we do this, and the inferno is set, we not only can see things with more clarity, but feel a new sense of empowerment as the proverbial burning bridge offers more light on the subject.  We have detached our emotions, taken back our power, and can finally bathe in the afterglow of illumination.  

Maybe today it’s time to remove that poisonous person from your life, light that match, and watch that bridge burn, baby burn!