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Finding Your Tribe!

October 6, 2020

I was in my late 30’s before I felt safe enough with another person to tell them the truth; that I had been hearing voices since I was 11. Spirit people seemed to follow me around, and I spent much of my childhood looking over my shoulder in fear, and sleeping with a night light. I realized quickly enough…

Finding Yourself?

September 24, 2020

I am blessed that I can work from anyplace I choose, especially now with the popularity of Zoom.  Next week, I set off on another adventure, my 6th trip across the United States.  I will be packing up the car with my two faithful furry friends, Becky and Buddy and hitting the open road for…

Letting Go of Someone We Love

August 6, 2020

Letting go of someone we love when they no longer love us, is probably one of the hardest things to do.  We might cognitively know it is a done deal, and that we are never getting back together, but still we think about that other person.  Emotions are not something that can be turned on…

The Selflessness of Selfishness

July 17, 2020

No one wants to be considered selfish, but what really does it mean to be selfish?  Most of us picture a person who wants everything to be THEIR way.  One who only thinks of themselves at all times…the typical narcissist.  However, selfishness can be something else. Many of us try to control everything in our…

Karma Has GPS

June 18, 2020

Have you ever pondered over the injustice of how some bad people seem to leave a wake of destruction in their path, yet skip merrily forward in their lives unscathed, regardless of the victims they leave behind?  We see this in history, politics and even our personal lives.  Bad things do not always happen to…

Flow with the Changes

May 22, 2020

As I write this, I am sitting in my bungalow waiting for a crew of men to walk through who are thinking of buying it.  I knew this was a possibility after my 96 year old landlady recently died.       This little piece of heaven has been my home for 20 years and I…

Me? Mine? Valentine!

February 11, 2020

We are born alone, and we will die alone; we know this to be true.  Yet, regardless of how many times we have heard this statement, why is it that so many of us feel unfulfilled unless when we have another person romantically in our life?   Could it be that putting the focus on…

Soul Mates…Not Always Life Mates

February 4, 2020

One of the most commonly asked question I receive when I give a psychic reading is “Where is my Soul Mate?”  There seems to be a misconception that a soul mate equals a life mate however, and very often, that’s just not the case.  Some of those people we love the most, are only in…

Victim or Victor? YOU Decide!

December 16, 2019
The victor or victim mindset

We have all had experiences in our lives that feel unfair.  Someone you have loved and trusted betrays you in painful and unwarranted ways, a work associate gets the promotion you deserve, someone you care about is battling cancer, perhaps the person you love doesn’t feel the same way, or God forbid, a child dies.…

Dealing with Grief Over the Holidays

December 3, 2019

Grief can come in many forms over the Christmas Season.  Whether the loss of a loved one through death, a failed marriage, a move, or a family dispute; as humans, when we experience loss, we grieve.  Never is this felt stronger than during the holidays when we recall more joyous times with those whom we…

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About the Author

Susan Schueler

Having grown up in an extremely haunted house, (Susan’s parents owned a restaurant/bar built in 1900 and the family lived upstairs.) Susan often saw and heard things that did not make sense. Her first memory of speaking to a Spirit was when she was 6 and in the basement of the restaurant doing chores. She was so frightened by the Spirit person she felt nearby, that she started talking to him with the hope he would go away. He didn’t, and she later realized he was the restaurant’s prior owner. As Susan grew older, so did her paranormal experiences, until she realized that if these Spirits wanted to communicate, she would have to learn their language, and this is exactly what she did.

Since the early 90’s, Susan has read everything on metaphysics that she could get her hands on and has learned much. Prior to this, she thought it was simply coincidence that she knew who was calling on the phone before answering it, or what students were going to ask before she called on them. Susan could even FEEL other people's emotions, but wrote that off as being VERY sensitive, when in reality she was an Empath. Since it was all she knew, Susan never realized all people did not share these experiences. It was not until she began transcendental
meditation in the late 90‘s that an entirely new world opened up for her that included visions, voices, and enhanced intuition. Once she started to learn the language of Spirit and raised her own vibrational level, the information was endless.

Susan is a registered psychic medium on Bob Olson’s Best Psychic Directory Website, as well as a twice tested psychic medium with Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics and a psychic spiritual advisor on the Lisa Williams’ website. Her Yelp reviews are all five stars!