Are You Ready for the Energy of the New Earth?

You Are NOT Alone!

Many of us are altering our body’s vibrational frequencies and thereby helping to raise the planet’s. (And boy does Mother Earth need it now!) Our once heavy carbon based physicalities are moving into a higher crystalline body that enables us to hold a higher vibration. There are several factors playing into this, from increasing solar flares to humanity’s raising consciousness, but as we focus on our own healing, forgiving, clearing and evolving, we may notice some odd things seem to be happening in our lives as we shift.

Are You Experiencing Spiritual Ascension Symptoms?

Night Sweats

(And all this time I thought it was menopause!)

Severe Emotions like Anxiety/Crying Often

Our unresolved traumas begin to bubble up to the surface, causing a need for emotional release. We may notice during our day, for no apparent reason, that we are unexpectedly moved to uncontrollable tears. These can be from seeing a sweet baby on the street, an adorable puppy video on Facebook, or from seeing a person asking for money in the subway. We just seem to feel things on a much deeper and profound level and tears serve as a productive way for us to purge.

Unexplained Rashes or Hives

As we upgrade, sometimes our physical bodies do not know how to process these new energies and will physically break out in strange, medically unexplainable ways.

Extreme Exhaustion

Due to the clearing away of darker energies, we may go through periods where we feel so depleted that we can hardly get out of bed. This is actually a good thing since these heavier energies need to come to the surface and leave our bodies so we are able to vibrate higher. 

Desire for Isolation

Our need for deeper connections and conversations with others leave us spending more time alone, rather than come from a superficial place. We have days where we simply would rather be alone than put on a “game face” as we might have in the past. We can no longer tolerate being around lower vibrational people anymore.

People Falling Away

The once important people in our lives who no longer match our frequency seem to disappear, sometimes in sudden, shocking, or unexpected ways. We begin to seek out new people who better fit our new vibrations.

Unable to Sleep

Regardless of how tired we may actually feel, we go through bouts of insomnia, and often need to rest during the day or even nap.

Change in Diet

We may notice that we crave more fruits and vegetables, and that heavier density foods like meats may make us feeling sick or cause digestive discomfort and challenges.

Daily Activities Change

Those once “Sunday Fundays,” filled with day drinking and casual pals seem to be replaced with the desire to be in nature, a meditation practice or spiritual retreats. We seem to lose interest in things that no longer align with our greater good.

These much needed changes will leave us better off in the long run, so don’t despair. Finding other like minded people can help this transition, making us happier, healthier, and more equipped to navigate the new earth coming our way. 

Susan offers Spiritual Assessment Readings on her website for anyone interested in learning ways to navigate many of these changes or to find out more about their soul’s life purpose.

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