Are You Going Through a Spiritual Awakening?

Channeled by Psychic Medium Susan Schueler From Jacob, Master Teacher of The Akashic Records
June 6th, 2017

The New Earth’s Spiritual Awakening

Welcome beautiful souls of the Earth.  We are most pleased that you are here with us today. There is much upheaval and change taking place on your planet, and we see how it affects many of you, and even how there are some who are not quite sure what it all means.   Yes, change and wonderful evolution is in the air, but as is always the case with change, patience and understanding is required. This means not only patience with self, but patience, empathy and especially compassion with both self and others.

You are all in different places on your soul’s evolution, so of course you will approach the planet’s conscious shift in various ways. One is not better or worse – just different. This is where the need to be patient comes to light.

Never forget, you accepted the challenge to be an Earth being at this exciting time in its spiritual evolution. Your brave souls are needed to help continue to raise the frequency of Gaia, by raising each of your individual vibrations. For many years, the planet’s vibration was far denser than it is now, so we understand the strange sensations some of you may be experiencing with your sensitive physical bodies as this occurs. This is why we began with the reminder of patience dear ones, patience.

Your Mother Earth is a living, breathing, organism and reflects the energy of her inhabitants; so as your vibration has shifted, so has hers.  Many of you who are fighting against this shift, may feel it odds with in your environment, so it is important to allow flow into your life, and that most simply begins with the breath.

Do you take time daily to focus and refresh yourself with deep cleansing breaths the clear away stress and invite in calm?  Or are you frantic with your thoughts, thereby gasping and short shallow breaths? For awareness to grow – this is the root and foundation.  Not only will it help you to center yourself, while raising your frequency, but Mother Earth will benefit as well, thereby continuing a widespread evolution.

We have spoken of meditative practices in the past, and we remind you again, the reason for this is so you learn to understand that your human mind is not really who you are.  What is most important is that you learn to reconnect with your soul – and this can be best achieved by learning ways to quiet the mind. Anything that allows you to be more aware or present is a wonderful way to achieve a meditative practice. So think of various ways to embrace being in the present moment, whether with yoga, gardening, meditation, hiking, swimming, or even spending time with other people or animals. Speaking of animals and even children, one way to know your vibration is shifting to that of a higher frequency will be when you notice that both children and animals have developed a fascination with you. With these sensitives, there is no lying, for they have a natural ability to feel how another is resonating.

Patience is vital, breath work as well. Since everyone’s journey is unique, allowing things to unfold naturally, without comparing your journey to others, is also paramount.  You all have unique special gifts, so be open as they unfold naturally. This is not a race.

As your frequency altars, so will your awareness begin to shift, as you will begin to see things in your every day life, not perhaps noticed before. You are simply learning to expand your awareness past your five senses and learning to tap into your much more subtle abilities.

These can be frightening, seeing, hearing or feeling things that do not make sense to your rational mind, but be open and allow them to unfold naturally. The more that you accept the fact that there is an entirely unseen world around you, the more you can learn how to tap into it.

For years on your planet we watched and waited for this to begin, and we are most excited with the way we see it escalating at this time. There is a quickening happening, so expect many growth spurt’s. But much like with growing pains, these will have periods of painful adjustment.

You are evolving, and your DNA is beginning to restructure itself as you move forward to being less solid and more toward beings of light.

With your raised vibrations will also come heightened levels of compassion and understanding for one another. You will feel less needing to judge, yourself or others, but will simply embrace “being.”

It is therefore exponentially important to place yourself around others who resonate a higher frequency. You may see yourself disconnecting from people or certain situations that you previously gravitated toward. Like attracts like, so allow this to occur.  You will be best served to spend time with others who are moving forward on their own evolution. That is not to say you will abandon all your old ways and friends, but in some cases be prepared that you may no longer connect to them in the same way.

Fear not, the awakening is occurring, however, everyone is not progressing with the same speed.

You will also notice that what you place in your environment or your human bodies will have a far greater impact than in your less enlightened years. As this evolution of the planet takes place, you are becoming a deeper connected spiritual being, shedding parts of the human condition, and remembering who you really are.  That energetic light being whose main purpose is to generate love, light and healing to all with whom you interact. You will move away from the fear-based human condition, and gravitate toward all that is compassion and love. Fear is very human, love rather is the true connection to the soul and the deeper connection with God.

As you allow yourself to further reconnect to the true God source that lives within each of you, you will  acknowledge that you too are powerful beings, because you are part of the Divine Source of All That Is.

Since you are all on different journeys, be aware as your progress, that there will be others around you who may not be moving forward on their own spiritual paths. This is one reason we tell you that it is important to have a more evolved group to spend some time with. Thoughts are energy and as you become more sensitive, you will feel people’s negative energy when it is directed at you. So we also tell you that it is important to ground, center and protect yourselves. Not doing this from a place of fear, but rather a place of self-love.
Keep your environmental space cleared using smudging methods such as sage or Palo Santo or diffusers. Keep your physical bodies clean with salt baths or baths with essential oil’s. Crystals may also be used in your living spaces to offer protection and clearing, especially for those of you who may work in places where the energy is very high or volatile, or people who you live with work in places like this.

The key to your growth is keeping your vibration as high as possible. This also means energetically protecting yourself. Some benefit from using visual techniques of bubbles of white light, protection cloaks, or mirrored capes, but find something that resonates with you. Especially if you feel you may be around toxic energetic bodies who are less he evolved.

This is such an exciting time on your planet, and we see how focused many of you are as you experience your gifts as they evolve. We ask that you enjoy this ride and place your focus on love and compassion, rather than the fear of the unknown. If your first reaction is fear, realize this comes from a lower vibration, take a deep breath and ask for the Divine Source Of All That Is to bathe you in the shower of white light.

Be strong beautiful budding light beings. There is much for you to do and many will benefit from your own evolution. Trust yourself and know that you are never alone. We are here to help you heal the world!