A Personal 2020 Holiday Message from Susan

Today I sit in my meditation chair, enjoying the beauty of the Christmas tree, having my morning meeting with the Spirit world.  A dog cuddled into each hip and Merkaba (my magical cat) purring loudly behind me.  This is my favorite time of the day.  It is 4 am, and the world is quiet and still.   I have always been an early riser, finding, that in the wee small hours of the morning, the veil is the thinnest between the human and the Spirit world.  Even as a teenager, I would get up by 5 am and sip my tea at the kitchen table because I sensed something special about this time. It is still. It is solitary.  It is quiet.

This is why 2020 has proven to be such a challenging, yet special time.  We, as a collective, have been forced to slow down.  To quiet down.  To stop much of our frenzied and frantic movements, and just be.  When we learn to just “be” we soon realize we are more than our human condition, and IF we can surrender into it, we can tap into our souls and the Spirit of the great Divine.

Our lives can be calm and void of drama.  We do not need to focus on the fear, but rather the tranquility in these tumultuous times.  As the motivational speaker Tony Robbins states, “Energy goes where attention flows.”  Whether we wish to hear this or not, the fact remains that we are the creators of our realities, and if we choose to focus on the chaos, the pandemic, the unemployment or the fear, we will attract much of that same negative and low vibrational energy.  

Various emotions resonate at different frequencies.  Joy, contentment, gratitude, and courage are some that have a higher vibration.  Depression, fear, anger, insecurity and arrogance subsequently, vibrate on a lower frequency.  The higher our vibration is, the more energized we will feel, and the more energy we will emit from our bodies, thereby attracting positive attention from people and the situations around us.  We may not see this with our naked eyes, but everyone feels this when we meet a charismatic individual.  

As we bid farewell to 2020, perhaps we need to embrace the positives that we all have in our lives, rather than focusing on the negatives.  Think of the power we can create in the collective consciousness if we learn to make a more uplifting reality for ourselves.  A good place to start is becoming aware of the words that run through our minds daily.  The judgements.  Are we being kind or critical to self and others?   There is no need to feel helpless at this time, for even just doing this self alteration will effect the whole.  

For this holiday season of 2020, I wish you much joy, laughter, love and above all, hope for the future.
With much sincerity and love,


  1. Barbara Boag on December 19, 2020 at 4:08 pm

    You my friend speak what hearts need to hear! Thank you! Merry Christmas ❤️